Monday, October 14, 2013

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Last week, Lydia and I spent a few days with our friends the McMaths in Espanola. Brother Brian McMath pastors Valley Bible Baptist Church and they also run a Christian school. Staying with them was very fun and we did a lot! So here are a ton of photos!

We are getting ready to head off for Wednesday night church! It was so convenient staying next door to the church. :)

After church we all gathered to eat dessert and play spoons. So here we are with (starting from the left) Naomi, Rachel, David, Benjamin, Luke, Andrew, Mrs. McMath, and then Lydia.

Naomi, looking lovely as usual! :)

Rachel has a flower ministry, so I took photos of her lovely bouquets. We also went with her to distribute two of them on Thursday evening. 

On Thursday, we joined the school. All of the kids were so sweet!


Lydia gave a devotional about trusting the Lord to the girls. She did a fabulous job!!!

I gave a devotional about standing up for what is right and balancing making a difference with mercy. Not sure it was very good. My brain was half there, I think! :) I had also just read something which made my topic slightly harder to address. But hopefully someone was blessed!

After our morning time in school, we gals set off to do some touring. 

First, we went to the Santuario De Chimayo church.

Folks leave photos of family members needing to be healed.

We left the church and did a bit of scenic sight seeing. We stopped off at some overlooks. :)

We came back for lunch, then hurried over to the school for music class. Lydia and I played some music, then spoke about learning the piano/violin. I think the class loved Lydia's fiddle music! 

We made some cookies and I couldn't resist practicing some photography!

More flowers!

On Friday morning we went to the Santa Fe Plaza! Lydia and I had never been there, and Naomi made a lovely tour-guide. :)

Naomi kindly bought us some Starbucks coffee. It was frigid out, so the warm coffee shop was quite delightful! Lydia got hot chocolate, but she was glad to look like the "in" coffee crowd. :)


I took this image from the car.

We went to the Loretto Chapel to see the winding staircase!

I am sure some of my photos want to make a professional photographer cry, but I really didn't know what to do about the immense amount of angles. 

A confessional. 

Yes, I went to confession. It took a while. :)

"How do you solve a problem like Mariah!"

We stopped in the adjoining hotel to ask for directions. A very obliging lady highlighted a map for us.

We didn't get lost, thankfully! :)

It was chilly! We could see snow on the mountains!

We went to the capitol! The structure on the left bears the names of all the tribes.

Cute house next door!

A nice lady took our photo!

We took a picture of "Benjamin", heehee! 

The governor was out, but it would have been nice to meet her! :)

This buffalo is made of garbage and old parts, I believe! Pretty fascinating!

Naomi took our photo from above. :)

Going into the house gallery was quite interesting!

The senate gallery. 

Amen! We ended our tour by going to a chocolate shop. :) We had some kind of "Elixir" (which made for some interesting conversations!) and a chocolate espresso brownie. I did some research about the shop and their elixirs, and was quite relieved to discover it is only a glorified hot chocolate. (We were offered a sample and were slightly worried about what we had consumed!)

The boys graciously showed us their shop and all their tools. A metal sign they made....

Lydia did some welding. :)

I learned a lot of plasma cutters, metal lathes, and trucks. :)

Other things we did is watch Emma, prepare for the purity banquet at their church, play volleyball during PE with the school (I had my first experience playing inside a gym!), and do some shopping. Fun, fun! We had some great conversations too. It was all very nice.

 I didn't get any more photos. I wish I had taken a photo of Andrew's plane, but maybe I'll see it someday when it's finished and I'll get one. I also wish I had taken photos of the new auditorium - it's beautiful! But, again, maybe when it is finished! :)

And when we get home, this awaited us! :)

Hopefully you enjoyed all the photos. What did you do last week?


  1. How lovely, Alicia!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :-) It was quite fun to get a peek at what y'all did. :-) It looks like you had a fabulous time (go Lydia for welding, too!). :-) Not a super fun task, I must admit, unless you know how to do it really well (or so I'm told.) ;-)
    What a lovely gift waiting your arrival! That's just so sweet. :-)

    1. It was very fun, thank you! And I know Lydia enjoyed her welding experience. :)

  2. What fun! All the pictures were great. :) I am glad you two had a nice trip, it is fun to do a few things with just your sister! :D You all visited some lovely places in Santa Fe. The staircase is one I have wanted to see for a long time! And you did get some lovely angles!

    What a sweet gift when you got home! I still remember Sarah and I took off to visit grandparents one time and came home in the afternoon just in time for a full-tea! It made me feel so special and loathe to leave again (which is what their motive was, I think). Families are pretty special. :D

    1. I couldn't resist taking a lot of photos. I just love playing with my camera! It was good to experiment with the angles and all.

      Awww, how sweet!

  3. Thank-you for all the photos, Alicia. It looks like you had a fun time! Can't wait to hear about it in person. :-)

  4. Well I must say, it looks like you had bunches of fun! I'm so happy for you. I prayed for your safety and good times. Thank you for sharing these- you took some amazing photos!

    1. We did have fun, thank you. I always like exploring new places! That, plus being with friends, family, and my camera and coffee made our tour very enjoyable indeed!

  5. Now Lydia can help Nich weld!Ha ha! Love the photos! The church with the winding staircase is where Mr Hoppman's siter got married!! Thank you for sharing your week with us all.

    1. Yes, she can! It did look like fun. Maybe I'll learn how too someday. :) Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  6. Glad y'all had such a nice time. :)

  7. I've been to the Loretto Chapel!! The staircase is so neat! :D

    1. Beautiful, isn't it? I'm a native New Mexican and that was my first visit!

    2. Yes, it's gorgeous! I went there two or three years ago during the summer with the Bonzons. :) We had so much fun that day! Then again, I ALWAYS have fun in New Mexico. ;)


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