Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Testimony

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I still remember someone telling me "We homeschoolers just don't have impressive testimonies! We're kind of boring - we just got saved and were raised right". 

That subject came up at the Bella Vista Baptist Labor Day Conference. A young pastor cracked me up telling the story of his testimony. He told us how he was saved at the age of 4 - and what a hardened, soul-sick character he was before that glorious day. He claimed he was "on the bottle", "behind bars", and "passed from woman to woman". Of course, we all know he was referring to his formula, crib, and baby-sitters! 

The subject came up again at FBI. John Yates spoke about how some of us don't feel like we have a glorious testimony. After all, we didn't head a big-city gang, kill 50 people, or were involved with drugs or Wicca. Instead, a lot of us were saved as children. We were in church every opportunity we got, we read our Bibles daily, and sang in the choir.

And I love the way Brother John put it. "I like your testimony better!"

Why? Because there were no wasted years, no horrible regrets, no terrible crimes. Yes, it is a wonderful, glorious thing when God saves a hardened sinner and transforms him. God rejoices, we rejoice, and the angels rejoice.

But they rejoiced when you were saved too.

Don't ever be ashamed of your "boring" testimony. Praise the Lord you never murdered anyone. Praise the Lord He didn't have to start His work of molding you into the image of His Son by convicting you of things like drinking, profanity, and drugs. It's nothing to be ashamed of. We should thank the Lord we heeded the work of the Holy Spirit at a young age and obeyed the call.

We've all sinned much. We've all been forgiven much. Some sins aren't so obvious to the human eye; God alone sees them. If we all realize the depth of our sin, how no one is righteous, then we can say with the adulterous/harlot woman that he who is forgiven much showeth much love

But we need never despise our testimony. God saved us and, whether as an innocent child or hardened drug-dealer, it is something to sing about. 

So what it your testimony?


  1. I got saved when I was four, too. :) I'm glad I was saved at so young an age--like you said, I have my whole life ahead of me to give glory to God instead of only half!

    1. And you are doing a great job of serving Him with your life!

  2. I totally agree, and love the way you put it Alicia! Yes, nowhere in the Bible does it even say that one should first have a "rebellious" period, or go out and be a great sinner before one can be saved! Rather, it's a blessing when the Lord gives individuals the grace to be born in godly families and be saved at a young age- because like your post said, you have no wasted years and no regrets!

  3. Oh, how wonderful it is to have a "boring testimony". I have one, too, as I don't have a list of "rebellious" incidences to list on my Testimonial Resume. However, I will say that one thing I have noticed about so many of us "non-rebellious, boring testimonials" is that our sins are just more hidden. Pride, conceit, self-righteousness, unforgiveness, unmerciful, legalistic, and the list could go on and on. So many times I have wished that my testimony could be salvation from a life of crime in my late teens or early twenties. Not because I think my testimony is boring, but I would rather have that in my past than to know that I was saved at an early age and then chose to harbor the sins that are much less obvious to the world, and especially to the church. I was the "model Christian girl" that did all the "right things", and yet, I had so much pride in my salvation - as if I had done something better because I didn't have that list of awful sins (as you mentioned, drinking, drugs, profanity) like my friends, but oh my heart had an ugly streak of pride flowing through it. I could go on and on, but I realize now that my testimony is not so much in what I was saved FROM at that first moment in my new life in Christ, but how much Christ has saved me since as I've had to chip away the "good, righteous Christian, legalistic" ideal and learn to live by grace and mercy just as ALL sinners. I am grateful that GOD has worked in my life, and I have tried to encourage my children to be careful to not see their life as not having any less testimony because they were saved young as well, but to be even more careful to not fall into the pit of living a "model Christian life" but instead, live FOR Christ each day - and I do believe there is a world of difference between those two. Thank you for the post. Lots of good things to dwell on and ponder.

  4. I totally agree! That is what I meant by my second-from-the-last paragraph. There are things God has saved us from no one will ever know about! But sin is still there. I like to think of it as my tiniest sin being as worthy of hell as the worst crime ever committed. It brings us to the humbling realization that we are totally dependent on His blood, nor our selves. And it should give us new mercy for others. Thank you for commenting!!!

  5. I love how you put this and yes, praise God that you have no wasted years! All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, whether they were saved at a young age or not.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for commenting!

  6. The "boring" testimony is the most beautiful to me! Someone cared enough to train a child up in the way he should go and he didn't fall away. An untainted life, yes still marred by sin, as we all do, but the Christian life is modeled to them, taught to them, and they follow suit! Awesome! Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it!


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