Friday, September 20, 2013

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Meet Me At The Fair

The morning of our fair adventure dawned misty and cold. Naturally, I thought it would be that way in town, so I dressed accordingly. You know, a scarf, boots? And a coat in case?

Not a chance. The fairground was HOT!

We met our grandma and set off for the Fine Arts building. And it was closed, so....

We did sibling photos while we waited!

"Sisters, sisters...." Can anyone sing that song? 

Me and my handsome dude. Well, handsome brother, that is!

Grandma and Mom!

Our friend Abby Bonzon made this lovely medieval outfit and it won best-of-show for the modeling section.

Abby Bonzon made the white skirt and Sarah made the blue one. They were practically identical!!!

Guess who won best-of-show for junior sewing?!!

And then another prize for jam.... All in all, Sarah got best-in-show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a participation!

Here was a cake I thought was cute!


Two boys with their Legos! Stephen got 2nd place!

The kiddos had fun with the bunnies.

This bunny was HUGE. At least 20+ pounds.

Grandma and Hannah look at the "jackalopes". They made it look like actual horned rabbits were on display! Some people fell for it. We won't say who. (Except it wasn't me.) Heehee! 

We had some interesting experiences. Lydia was able to speak to lady about church and the Lord, which was great. I don't have too many of the details, so you will have to ask her.

As for my experience, I was walking in the Expo/Lujan building and a salesmen suddenly forces this ipad-looking thing in my hand and tells me "You deserve this". I stood there thinking I do? He very forcefully told me to sit down, which I did. He then hooks some type of EKG-type pads to my shoulders (the nice cold, sticky feeling was just like my lovely cardiology tests) and informed me it was a massaging device.

So he gives me his little talk. Halfway through and very randomly, he looks at me and asks, "Miss, you are a Christian, aren't you?" I replied that I am, and he said, "You need to pray for me". Then he launches right back into his talk. Of course, the massaging device immediately loses what (little) importance it had. I asked him if he is a Christian and he said he was. He then proceeded to tell me he has been out of church and his dad is a pastor in California. So I was able to tell him I would pray. I just found it neat that he would randomly ask me for prayer.

Up, up, and away!

I think everyone had a lot of fun with the cotton candy!

And, for the first time EVER, Mom bought me a smoked turkey leg. Yummy!

Yes. Positively ladylike.

Being a cave woman wasn't too bad after all....

Then, on the way home, I woke up to my mom calling out the window, "Is she ok?" We were at a very busy, rush-hour intersection and a woman was lying on the sidewalk to our left. People were walking by her and no one was helping, including a mother with two children. Mom kept calling to ask if the lady is ok and no one answered.

Eventually, another woman pulled in and got out of her car to check on her. She looked at mom (we were still trapped at the light) and made a helpless gesture. Mom did a u-turn and pulled in. She got out to help and two-three guys ambled over, one of whom said he saw the woman fall from a long way away. The woman who had stopped to help said the same thing and was extremely frustrated that no one had been stopping to help. We watched from the car, and I saw the unconscious woman having seizures. Mom said she had around three seizures while we were there. For myself, I was really worried she would roll into the street (she was really close!) or even push Mom off the sidewalk into the traffic.

A guy called 911, but got no response or something. Finally, a guy in car yelled that there was a police man down the street. Mom and the others flagged him over, and they took over. We eventually left and (trapped at the same light!) saw the firemen and paramedics show up. We still don't know what happened and if the woman is ok or not, but we are all definitely grateful God brought us along at that moment. If you think about it, pray for the woman.

So that concludes our adventures at the State Fair!


  1. Wow. It looks like a busy, but fun, day. I'll be praying for that lady. I shudder just to think about seeing someone just lying along the side of the road like that.

    His Princess,

  2. Wow! Very neat!
    I like the massage story... Very neat.
    Glad y'all had a blast. =)

  3. Wow! Such an adventure! I'm glad you all had a good time at the fair! Hmmm...I wonder who fell for the jackalopes....

  4. "Never were there such devoted sisters! Never had to have a chaperone, no sir."
    "I'm here to keep my eye on here." Hehe! Sorry, couldn't resist!
    Looks like y'all had a fabulous time! What neat experiences, too. :) Turkey legs are so good, but definitely hard to eat in a lady like fashion... my great-uncle taught me that I couldn't take a bite unless I was growling (ya know, like a lion would out in the wild)... yeah.
    That's so sad about the lady! I hope she will be ok... adding her to my prayer list. People these days! It frustrates me to no end. (the people not helping, that is, not her falling)

    1. Love that song! Funny thing is, I am Lydia's chaperone a lot!

      I know what you mean. Perhaps we could trace a lot of this sort of problems back to "Survival of the Fittest"? It's the only thing that makes sense when people pass a hurt woman by.

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!! Hope you have a wonderful day today in Colorado as well!I will pray for that woman! Yikes, how sad...

  6. What a fun day! Sounds like you all had some neat memories!

    Wow! That is a neat story about that guy asking you to pray for him....wonder if you will ever see him again. :)

    Yes! Sarah and I sang the "Sisters, Sisters" song for a little Christmas entertainment several, several years back! It is one we still hum a lot. :D We just need a "Brothers, Brothers" song now!!haha!

    1. We did. We have been making a lot of nice memories this summer. :)

      I hope I will. I know his church is at least semi-cult, but I think it is maybe possible for him to have gotten saved there. I just didn't feel it was the time to talk about the errors of his church, but about his needs. Know that I mean? :)

      Love that song! Yep, I agree!

  7. Looks like you had an awesome day! It was so fun getting too see you there! I love the story of they guy asking you to pray for him!! That says a lot about the light that shines from you!! Praise the Lord!!!

    1. I hope you had fun as well with your companion. Yes, it was a nice experience! But I sort of knew it was coming. I had been praying about the day before and felt the Lord tell me He was going to have me speak to someone in that particular building. :)

  8. I LOVE that first picture with the mist! :)


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