Monday, September 23, 2013

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All Aboard!

On Friday, we went with our grandparents up to Chama and rode the Cumbres and Toltetic scenic railroad! Our day started early... Very early. 4:15, to be exact. And it didn't end until 11:00 at night. 

We arrived in Chama around 8:30. We explored the train station and took plenty of photos. 


The guy who did narrations took a picture with us!


Sarah and I did photos in a museum car.

We all couldn't resist being hobos and hitching a ride!

Stephen played with little trains and Sarah telegraphed inside the telegraph office. 


We had to take photos with the sheriff!

All aboard!

I found my dream house...

There were a ton of photos to take! I took 300 myself. :)

Look at the smoke!

The open car was fun, although walking through cars was a slightly treacherous thing! You had to get your "train" legs

Way down there!

We got off half-way for lunch! 

But you can have marijuana.... 

Somebody enjoyed their lunch too much...

These boys are only slightly cute in their conductor caps! Grandma and Grandpa bought them all one.

We couldn't go into the Victorian car, but we did take photos on the back.


In the open car.

Sarah and Lydia went on a walk while we waited for the train to be ready. 

The guy who did the narrations outside on the open car gave the kiddos some pencils! I gave him a gospel tract and found out he is already a believer!

The gorge right before you go into the first tunnel!

The very end part of the trip looked like New Mexico.

We took a bus back to Chama at the end.

The end of a perfect day!



  1. What a fun day!!! You took some great shots Alicia!

  2. How fun! My favorite picture is of your sisters in the open car.

    His Princess,

  3. thanks for the pictoral. enjoyed them Alicia


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