Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Word Painters

Guess what? I am finally fulfilling the dream I've had to start a writing blog! I have really felt like there are so many questions up and coming writers/author have, but I couldn't address the topics on my personal blog!

I really have a heart for helping fellow writers and am super excited about where this may lead. Best of all, although I am the administrator, I am not the only blog author! Several other talented authors will be joining me!

Children's author (her current genre) Sarah Elizabeth will be joining us on Mondays. Visit her blog!

Helping Children Grow in Christ author Cara Simmons will be joining us every other week on Fridays. Visit her website!

Yours truly, historical-fiction author Alicia A. Willis will be writing on Wednesdays or filling in whenever necessary. :) You are already at her blog. Hah!

Historical-fiction authors Anne Mateer and John Horn will be joining us as guest posters. And other authors are expected to join soon!

So why not navigate over and follow Word Painters


  1. Lookin' really good!
    I'm looking forward to what's going to happen here! =)

  2. This looks like a very interesting blog. I'm excited to see what will be coming up!!

    His Princess,

  3. Cool. I like it, Alicia. Moreover, if any writer wishes to create a script, book trailer, original theme music, audio performance, or even a full blown film or short of their writing... just let me know. That's what I do.

    1. Unknown - As in Sunday Garcia? :) When we get slightly larger, with more followers and all, would you like to buy some advertising? Or even a permanent banner? Just a thought...


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