Monday, August 5, 2013

The Creation Museum | Botanical Gardens

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Here is day two at the Creation Museum!


Watching turtles...

What a strong boy!

A wee birdie!

Can I get anybody to say GREEN?

Pretty as a flower!

Walking through a jungle!

Mom and Hannah on a swinging bridge....

A Grecian Arbor!!! 


Finding the perfect shot....

I'm in the arbor. I LOVED the Grecian style!

Too cute!

That is the end of our botanical garden experience at the Creation Museum. 
I could have posted dozens more photos, but you get the idea of how absolutely gorgeous it was. Just beautiful, green, and misty! And it wasn't just because it was a garden - everywhere in Kentucky looked like this. If you ever get the opportunity, be certain to visit this lovely piece of the country. 


  1. I hope to visit there! Gorgeous!!

  2. Fun pictures, Alicia! Loving the green!

  3. What a beautiful and elegant place to be sure Would love to go there someday...

  4. GREEN!!!!! ;) Bahahaha! Sorry, couldn't resist. Those are lovely pictures! I know what you mean. I've been trying to sort through our CA trip pictures so I can post some, but yeah... it's tough! :-/


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