Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lydia!

On this day, nineteen years ago, Lydia Christine was born. :) I cannot say I remember it, but I do recall a plethora of other fun memories.

As children, I recall playing babies and dollhouse, watching American Girl movies together, playing music together at everywhere from funerals to weddings, singing at church, and reenacting our favorite movies. We have traveled the world together (in our very vivid imaginations!). We've been pioneers, we've been orphaned on the Organ Trail, we've been missionaries in Communist China, and she's even bought me off the auction block as a slave in Rome. :)

More recently, as adults, we really did travel through 11 states together. We continually play music and sing together. We have many of the same interests and pretty much do everything together - from going out to coffee with friends to folding clothes. We always have fun, and I cannot wait until we are both sharing baby advice and recipes from our own kitchens. :)

Lydia enjoys being outside. One favorite activity is volleyball!

Lydia graduated from highschool this year!

She looks great in hats!

She's adventurous, from harvesting honey to being a medieval lady. :)

She works hard in our church, from singing in the choir to playing the organ on Sunday nights to helping out as events such as VBS.

She directs a hymn group of young ladies!

She composes and arranges music with ease and performs in All-Star Recitals. 

She sings marvelously!

Her Hymn Group performed at the State Wide Homeschool Showcase before an audience of probably 900-1000 people and was featured in the CAPE newsletter. 

She always has fun with friends!

I told you she composes beautifully. Watch the video of her latest arrangement, which she performed at the All Star Recital. 

Lydia is extremely talented, if you haven't already gathered! She plays the piano and violin, sings alto beautifully, can arrange and compose, paints, decorates cakes, and is a farm girl with her chickens and gardening. She also helps out in church with her music. 

I look forward to seeing where the Lord will lead her in the future! Happy Birthday!


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday, Miss Willis! So glad you were born!! ;-)

  2. Happy birthday, dear friend!!!! Love you lots and I agree with Mrs. Blodgett- I'm SO glad you were born! You have blessed my life tremendously! =D

  3. Happy Birthday to a sweet friend! I pray you grow closer to God this year than you ever imagined possible!

    (And a beautiful post, Alicia! Sounds exactly like Sarah and I!) :D

  4. Awww...thank you so much for doing this for me, Alicia. I didn't have a clue you were going to! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy b-day and to my wonderful parents and siblings. Love you all!

  5. Happy Birthday!! God truly blessed us when you were born. You have been a constant joy to us. I hope and pray that this year will be extra special to you. Love you lots.

  6. Well, Happy Birthday, Lydia! Your piano piece is utterly amazing. The title evokes exactly what your music expresses. So lovely!

  7. And...thank you again! I love you so much. And Kelsey, I'm so glad you enjoyed my piano piece. To God be the glory!


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