Friday, August 30, 2013

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Good Old Life

Image not my own.

I'm back to my regular old blogging schedule. At least, I think I am. My plan is to blog over here on Mondays and Fridays and over on Word Painters on Wednesdays. We shall see!

My life is a whirl of activity. Thinking about it all makes me tired. :) 

On Sunday, we did our usual two choir practices, Sunday School, two services, lunch at church, and nursing home ministry. Yes, I was dead tired. I just have to remind myself that Sunday is not about me, but about Him. The whole day is dedicated to Him, not just the first service. 

I'm into the second week of FBI. Yes, I love every minute of it. Brother John inspires, refreshes, instructs, informs, and convicts me. It's all good. Homework takes some time, but I managed to get very ahead by sitting with my Willmington's Guide to the Bible for two hours in the dentist. :) I checked into it and, by the end of this semester, I will have 18 out of 36 credit hours for my degree/diploma.

And then, there are my regular activities - writing, editing, mentoring, music, teaching, doggie-care, two full-time blogs, marketing, and regular home duties. I am trying to get some reading in there too. A friend loaned me How Green Was My Valley and I am steadily plowing through all 500 pages. :)

I can't leave friends and family out of the picture! We love spending time with our adopted cousins. We even hit a little caffeine high on Saturday night and ended the evening with gales of laughter and a pillow fight. It was glorious. I had forgotten how fun it was to watch caffeine levels rise in a friend (you know who you are) and try to dodge/pummel away with pillows!!! :) And, just during some family time, we went bowling. View the photos HERE. (Little brag here, I won the second game. Yes!)

So now you have a quick overview of what's been going on. With all my vacation photos and writing updates, I fear I have not kept you all up to date with regular old life, hence this post. :)

Dad and Nathan headed off today on their annual hiking trip and we gals are ready to set off for a grand adventure!!! (Can you guess where?) I can't wait. It will be another busy and wonderful weekend, ending (Lord willing) with church on Sunday and the Labor Day Baptist Conference at Bella Vista Baptist church in Albuquerque. Expect some photos!

I'll leave you with my life verse:
And of some have compassion, making a difference...
~Jude 1:22~

Let's make a difference!

What have you been up to?


  1. Ha, ha, a "caffeine high"... That was pretty entertaining. :-)
    Well, I thought I was busy but I think you beat me there. Certainly keeps life interesting!

    Have fun today!

  2. Busy indeed! It makes my FBI/School/Work schedule seem kinda pitiful...;)

  3. Have a 'Flyingly' good time at the 'J'! ;-) Man, I wish we had thought of a pillow fight....

  4. HA ha ha!! I still laugh, even though I never saw the drama! BUT I heard it from the fire pit! So much fun! So happy for the time and memories made with super good friends/family!! Love and hugs. Have a fantastic time on our mini trip! Looking forward to the photos for sure! :-)

  5. Hehe... yeah, I heard all about that infamous caffeine high.. ;) lol!

    Sounds like you have been pretty busy, Alicia! Life has been slightly hectic here as well, but thankfully ours has been spread out over several days instead of busy Sabbath like y'all had! :) Thanks for the update! It was quite entertaining to read. ;)


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