Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Blog Tag: Favorite Movies

I was tagged by Ysa Rivas at The Pages of Me to participate in a post about favorite movies. Here goes! 

While I enjoy these movies, I do not necessarily endorse every single feature of the content. Viewer discretion advised.

My absolute favorite movie is Amazing Grace. It details the true story of William Wilberforce and his heroic campaign to end the slave trade. The story is very historically and tastefully laid out, and is certain to inspire you! My personal rating is 12+ for some immodest dress and a bit of language (nearly all of the words were not bad in the era of the movie or in England today).

This docudrama is a great family film about the origination of our King James Bible. Excellent film, appropriate (excepting one battle-wound scene) for the whole family. 

The Sherwood Baptist Church films. I recommend them all. General audience and PG 13 (Courageous).

A wonderful family film. Although not historically accurate, this entertaining musical is sure to inspire and uplift you!

Ok, so half of the story is not found in the Bible. I realize that. But I also realize they pulled a good potion of the storyline from historical documents. So it may be more accurate than we realize.

Either way, I like this version of the story of Moses best. I watched the Ted Turner version and would not really recommend it. It was violent and I thought it made light of God's miracles. For instance, the Red Sea is puny and it takes God all night long to separate the water. And it's not dry when He does do it. So I will continue to watch this one.

12+ for some violence and romance. Scenes are easily fast-forwardable. You can also block the screen against immodesty and just listen. 

Hey, I like some comedy too! This movie is clean, hilarious, and just plain fun. I think maybe one curse word is said, but that's it. What happens when a dedicated seaman gets a crew of landlubbers and a rickety 1776 ship for a top-secret mission? Watch it to find out! Family friendly.

I really like this movie and would especially recommend it to youth pastors. When some kids can't get along in a church youth group camp-out, the youth pastor takes the time to tell the story of Hosea and about God's amazing love. The story comes alive and is very well-portrayed. Family friendly.

Excellent, family-friendly film. Read my review HERE.

Another good one, minus some historical inaccuracies. Read my review HERE. Family friendly.

And, again, review my review HERE. Some romance, but pretty much family friendly.

Would you believe it? I never would have thought I would have liked this movie so well, but I do. IT IS POWERFUL. A man from the Victorian Era is transported to the modern age. What he discovers is life changing. He realizes that Satan isn't against good morals; Satan is against Jesus Christ. The shocking facts about the way we as Christians live today and just our world in general give this man the feeling we are living in the end times. This movie is a must-see. Inspiring, convicting, and eye-opening. If you don't want to deal with the whole time-machine thing, skip that part. This movie is very worth watching!!!

A very humorous musical! Good liberties are taken with the real history of the Sabine women and this is a quaint take on history. We fast-forward the attic scene with the women singing. And the ending is slightly awkward. But those scenes are easily fast-fowardable. The songs are great, the acting superb, and the story inspirational. With certain scenes skipped, this is family-friendly. If not, 12+.

Excellent, family friendly movie! One scene with a guy with no shirt. Very sweet film.

Black and white, family friendly movie. Some WWI violence and a brief kissing scene. Very inspirational, true story about Alvin York!

I like the reality of this movie. To me, the romance is just like any regular wedding story we might hear today. But faith and virtue are tested, love is kept waiting, and the beauty of true love and the willingness to wait for the right one is portrayed. 13+ for some mature content, although it would probably go over a child's head because the English wording is so reserved and careful. Some of the dresses are true to the time period and are low cut. No kissing, which is remarkable. This movie always inspires me, particularly with Elinor's beautiful character.

This movie is really inspirational. Yes, it includes music, dating, and dress issues I don't endorse. And it's definitely PG 13. But the message about the beauty of life and its powerful story is wonderful. I love its perspective, its views and insights. You (even as a Pro-Life supporter) will never think about abortion quite the same again! 

Sarah Heckendorn of Through the Lilac Bushes
Emily Blodgett of God's Horse Lover
Kelsey Hoppman of Semper Reformanda
Rebecca Heckendorn of A Prairie Princess
Sarah Holman of The Destiny of One

So there are a few of the movies I enjoy. What movies do you like? Or do you have a favorite scene from any of the above?


  1. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for posting. I've seen most of the Sherwood Baptist Church films and also Time Changer. I believe we have the film, Amazing Grace, but haven't watched it yet.

    Thank you for posting!

    His Princess,

  2. Just found the source of this meme, might be tempted to put something up about this myself. I've seen all four Sherwood movies too. Good stuff.

  3. Wow I didn't know Sergeant York was a favorite. That was one of the first black and white films that I saw a while back. It's a great one for sure!

  4. Cool Alicia!
    I haven't watched any of these movies, though October Baby, Pollyanna, Fireproof and Courageous are all on my list of to-watch movies.
    Glad you liked this! :o )
    ~God bless~

  5. Great list you have there! Of course one of my all time favs is Amazing Grace too!!!!

  6. I've watched nearly all those movies! I LOVED Sergeant York! When Mom made us watch it for school, I wasn't very happy. But I enjoyed it so much! :)

  7. I love most of those too! There are just a couple I've not seen, I think. Prince Valient, Monte Cristo and Oct. Baby, I believe. Funnily enough, Em and Nick are watching 7 Brides/7 Bros again, right now! :-)

  8. Wonderful list of movies there, my friend. I have been thinking and quoting Sense & Sensibility a lot lately with our Pride & Prejudice group. Austen wrote such wonderful books dealing with relationships and how NOT to behave inappropriately. Most of us admire Elinor, but too often we see lots of Mariannes instead - in love with being in love. Then, you jump from that wonderful display of character to Sgt. York!! Who wouldn't love that man or love having a son with such strong convictions. Not to leave the modern era out, we have Flywheel. That one is STILL my favorite Sherwood movie. I love the willingness to change his character to be more like Christ. WOW!!! OK. I'd rather pull out one of these movies and enjoy the afternoon, but alas, the sound of a vacuum cleaner is making its way to my eardrums.......

    1. No kidding! I'd love to sit down and watch some movies right now! :)

      I am really looking forward to Pride and Prejudice, especially as you were the playwright! So excited about i!


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