Friday, August 9, 2013

Belle Meade Plantation, Tennessee

Missouri and Kentucky were very pretty; there is no doubt about it. But Tennessee was a whole new treat! It was even more rainy and lush than the other states. We stopped off around Nashville to check out the Belle Meade Plantation.

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside. No worries. I got nearly a hundred photos of outside. :)

Inside the gift shop. It was a gal's paradise of dolls, parasols, and Civil War novels. :)

Civil War Era Plantation with a notable reputation for breeding fine race horses. Nearly all of the Kentucky Derby winners are related to the horses bred right on this plantation!

Our guide was sweet, but I think Dad and I stumped her with our questions. I noticed Uncle Tom's Cabin in the elegant library and couldn't resist asking if the family would have actually read the book. And, no, just as I thought, they would not have. Which leads me to wonder why the book was in the library...

One had to be cautious when exploring the plantation. You could continually hear rebel yells and occasionally see a young soldier dart past, musket in hands. (Don't worry - these 10-14 year old boys were only having fun in their uniforms and under the guidance of their mid-20s officer!) :)

A wee gentleman taking his morning stroll... 

I can never quite understand what Stephen is thinking.....

A gardener's paradise!!!

Magnolia trees everywhere! They smelled so wonderful!

This was the creamery. Contrast the difference between the place where they kept their milk and butter and the place they kept their slaves. (Slave cabin is in view directly behind the creamery.)

A slave cabin, designed to hold two families. 

The family vault (burial tomb).  Nathan and I spent a good bit of time here, capturing photos. It's difficult to capture the feeling, knowing the history of the family who lived here and viewing their cemetery. 

Everybody, all together now: "GREEN!"

I think a wee somebody is wanting to learn from his older brother how to photograph....

Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth), would you please just step into the end of that walkway? You are the only thing missing from this picture.


I assume Nathan and I had our eye on the exact same shot!

Don't have a clue why they had Indian tepees on the grounds. 

Peter Rabbit would look so adorable sitting beneath this tree!

The original family cabin, before they built the "Big House". 

I saw no signs prohibiting photography..... Snap, snap, flash!

Ah, a writer's silhouette. 

Of course, the plantation would not be complete without horses, particularly as that is what the Belle Meade Plantation was so famous for. 

All of the houses around the plantation look like these ones.... Ah, just lovely. Perfect. 

I almost didn't come home right about then. 

My publisher LifeWay is located there, it's in the Bible belt, I like Southern hospitality, it's green, there are magnolia's everywhere, I didn't see many bugs, it was cool, it was lush, and I like Southern food. We just won't talk about their coffee making skills. I wonder if God is calling me to be a missionary there? ;)



  1. Wow, so beautiful! I just love the brick houses, too.

  2. Did you notice the blue and white, handwoven coverlet at the bottom of one of the beds (in pic towards the end)? My father used to make those (and Silas COULD if he wanted to!). I just HAVE to go visit TN. Beautiful.

  3. WOW! That is SO neat. Being your fellow History fanatic, I'm rather jealous right now!! ;)haha!
    The grounds are neat! =D The cemetery would have been so neat to see. Like you said, all that family history.. :)
    GREEN! Oh... I think I was a little off... lol!

  4. @Kelsey - You totally should sometime!
    @Maellen - Oh, really? Silas should make one!
    @Sarah - It is lovely, isn't it? :) Yeah, Green is the word!

  5. If I ever get our loom up and running. Jeremiah also could make one! He would love to! :-)


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