Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Last Adam - Creation Museum Part One

I haven't quite gotten all my photos and video footage of the Creation Museum uploaded. So today I wanted to share what the museum considers the heart of their mission: 

The Last Adam

The video is 16 minutes long. Please gather as a family and watch it! It is very powerful and conveys the story of Christ beautifully. I was very grateful to go to a museum that offered the plan of salvation!!!

Additionally, here is a 2 minute video of the Tower of Babel, briefly summarizing what the tower was really about. (It is acceptable for children. They don't go into the extreme wickedness that took place there.)

I couldn't find any other of the wonderful videos at the museum, but maybe you'd like to Google them yourself. You may find them. They include In the Beginning (Six Days Theatre), Yom, Men in White, and more!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. That's awesome that you visited the creation museum!! My uncle works there. We love going there when we go to visit him. Isn't it amazing? We learn so much every time we go there!


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