Monday, July 22, 2013

Silver Dollar City: Part Two

I have so many photos I am having to do three posts a week rather than my usual two. I hope you are enjoying them! Don't miss the FUN video of some of the rides at the end. Next up will be the Creation Museum!

Day two at Silver Dollar City!

Shopping for a mug....


Lots of fudge! It was really good!

Ben Framed - Love it!!!

This ride was kind of fun! You rode around in an undergound boat and shot at targets. Prisoners planning a revolt were undergound with you and it was fun to watch them "work" and "talk".

Hannah in the "Make-Your-Own-Bear" shop. 

Tom and Huck's secret water hideaway! You sit on boats and shoot people on the shore with water machine guns! I got SOAKED! :) 

The Great American Plunge. A fun boat ride that plunges down a waterfall like a roller-coaster. Sarah screamed very loudly, as you can see!


(Image on the right not my own.)

The "Fire in the Hole" roller coaster. It is inside and it's pitch black. You go by burning down houses, firefighters, etc. It really is pitch black during most of the ride. You can't see your hand in front of your face! At one point, they shine a train head light in your eyes and play train whistles - right before you are plunged downwards on the roller coaster. The ride ends with the shout "Fire in the hole!" and a huge bucket of water is dumped on your head!

The food was marvelous! We went to a barbecue place the second day.

The next two images are not my own. I found them on Google images.

I went on this. SHEER TERROR. It doesn't look like it I know. But Dad went on one of the world's biggest roller coasters and he said it was scary. I am not kidding when I say I started to black out. It is a rotating disk that spins round and round, going upward all the time. You are sitting on the edge of the horizon and eternity. :) Above the trees. On a tiny little seat. 

WildFire. It goes upside down 5 times. No, I refused to go on this thing. Lydia and Dad went twice. Hurray for them, but I do not go on things that flip me upside down!!! :)

So against my better judgment (heehee), I decided to share what my siblings do when they visit a hat shop. Nathan and I went on the white water raft for the sixth time and came back to find them turned into pirates....

Unfortunately, I didn't get photos or footage of my favorite rides - because I was on them!!! Plus, they were water rides, which you cannot take camera equipment on.

Here is a 4 minute video of random shots I took. I took more which I may share some other time, but here you get the more fun shots.

Ok, so I had too much fun narrating!!! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. All you had to do is mention chocolate and fudge and I'm there!!! Great photo’s of your trip!Thank you for sharing. :-)

  2. LOL @ that pirate hat with Johnny Depp locks. :D And Sarah rocks the purple fedora nicely...

    Looks like a fun trip. I bet the wet rides were welcome on a hot afternoon. :o)

    1. Hah, we never watch pirate videos, so I don't think she even knew where it was from! Yeah, the rides were great.

  3. I just wanted to report in that I survived the 6 foot roller coaster, seeing that I am 5'9".:) It is really a fun place to go.

  4. Little Miss Blue EyesJuly 23, 2013 at 4:46 PM

    Haha! Alicia I look like a pirate! I was bored and was just havin' fun! I personally really like the purple fedora though! :)

    1. Purple Fedora?! You have got to be kidding me!


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