Friday, July 19, 2013

Silver Dollar City: Part One

Our last two days in Branson, Missouri were spent at Silver Dollar City! So I have two days worth of photos. :) The first day was mainly shopping, exploring, and having fun looking at all the adorable buildings.

Silver Dollar City is an old-fashioned, western, family-themed amusement park. All of the workers are in costume, from the candy makers to the newsboys who help run the rides. All of the buildings are cute and old fashioned. There are fun puns and jokes all throughout the park, slightly similar to our SASS shootout here in the East Mountains. 

You are shuttled in from the parking lot and the fun begins! If you ever get a chance to go, do at least two days. There is no way you can see and do everything in only one. 

Pretty ladies!

We visited three caves during our visit - Mammoth Cave, Blue Hole Water Cave (where we saw the interior from a boat), and Marvel Cave at Silver Dollar City. Marvel Cave was my favorite of all three! 

The Great Room once had five hot-air balloons launched inside, with room for another. The only reason they didn't launch the sixth was because the heat-increase was dangerous to the wildlife.

There was no evolution, we had a fun guide, and they played adventure music inside! (First cave I've been in that does that!) And they had a awe-inspiring natural waterfall with changing light colors. And I saw three or four bats! 

The grub was wonderful! Pizza for lunch!

Everything looks like this in Branson. Just. Plain. Gorgeous.

Having fun with the train!

I LOVED the old buildings, the whole western/country theme. 

Petting a miniature horse...

Ok? Spittin' and chewin' Ok, but NO SMOKING! Hah!

Words of sardonic wisdom. My favorite? Confidence...the cocky feeling you have right before you know better. Heehee!

Let's just say the taffy shop was marvelous! Until you have tasted fresh, warm, just-made taffy, you have NOT experienced real salt-water taffy! The workers were sweet (ok, pun intended) and one kindly gave me the history behind the term "salt-water". I loved looking at the tools for creating taffy. 

Methinks Stephen got a little carried away.... It was just as well. We ate every piece that day! Ever had coffee taffy? It's good!

Oh, the apple shop. MY FAVORITE. The apple theme was so much fun!

Little bit of romance taking place here....

Heehee, preach it! Do not complain to the cook. 

Come on, Samuel!

Silver Dollar City couldn't forget an old-fashioned education! Enter the charming little schoolhouse!

The strict, but very nice schoolmarm.

Hilly-Billy Shakespeare?

Ah, the GREEN!

A fun little water city for kiddos!

I think two people got rather tired....

The Silver Dollar Express!

Stephen got slightly bored waiting for the train! I really liked our conductor. He was really fun! The train has a hold-up and shootout half-way through. 


Why couldn't I have had a tree house like this when I was a kid?!

Fun at Half-Dollar Holler - the perfect spot for wee ones!

Some of the kiddos did not want to get off!

Well, day two and videos of the experience coming next time, Lord willing!!!


  1. We just loved SDC! We only spent one day there - big mistake. We missed some of the places in your pictures. I hope we can make it back there :)

    1. We had the advantage, as the Cogburns warned us beforehand to go at least two days! You guys should totally go sometime again, before Luke hits college or something. :)

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