Monday, July 15, 2013

Sight and Sound Theatres - Joseph

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Everyone has asked me what my favorite part of our trip was. Well, this is it! The performance of Joseph at Sight and Sound Theatres. It was the most amazing show/stage performance I have ever seen.

I loved that the actors sang on stage. And the part was, it was so Biblical! There was very little added to the story of Joseph, with the exception of one very fun and eccentric jailor! I liked how Joseph's wife was included a lot in the play and also that "Mrs. Potipher" was not ugly, as so many places portray her. She was attractive, which most Bible scholars agree is very Biblical. 

Everything was exceedingly beautiful and magnificent. The colossal images of Ramasees, the beautiful Egyptian gardens, the valiant soldiers, the real animals (including horses and white rats!), and the large-as-life wrap-around stage were amazing. You were surrounded by, well, a life-sized Egypt! 

One aspect that was cool was that Joseph "flies" across the audience in one of his dreams. The moon, sun, and stars bow down to him while he is in the air. It was truly breath-taking.

The actual theatre is just gorgeous!!!! It's huge too - these images don't really do it justice.

And the lion shall lay down with the lamb!

Inside was amazing. Everything looked like you stepped into the pages of the Bible. Palm trees, pillars....

The roof! 

Lydia with Goliath. :)

Look how little Samuel is!

This theatre holds 2,000 people. Every seat was filled. And we got front row seating!!! The animals and actors come out into the aisles several times during the show and we were right there beside them!!!

Yes, I ended up buying a real Egyptian perfume bottle!

A group shot, minus me. 

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed of the show. So I found these images online.

Joseph and Jacob. Sight and Sounds Theatre adds a little innocent humor to intense scenes. One of my favorite lines was when was Jacob says "By the God of Abraham, Isaac, and...and me!"

The travelers who bought Joseph from his brothers.

Joseph being carried into Egypt as a slave. By the way, the music was incredible. The entire story was a musical and it was the most beautiful (and authentic) music ever!

Joseph being made second in command over all Egypt. Seriously, look how huge this production was! This isn't a background - this is all real. 

Preparing grain for the famine!

Joseph and his brothers, before he reveals himself to them. 

Forgiveness is greater. 

The music was simply incredible. It was very powerful, very God-honoring. Plus, many of the song had a little humor! 

The song "Brother One, Brothers All" is about the 12 sons of Jacob. The sons (excepting the children of Rachel) are very rebellious and are portrayed as they were in Scripture. Their song (sung at the beginning) is about how each of them is the "best".

Check it out! (If you are following by email, click the link on the bottom which will take you to my actual site. You can then watch the video.)

I love how the attitude of the brothers changes throughout the story. Their pride and hatred gradually melts into total submission to God and the honor of protecting Benjamin. 

My favorite song was the finale, but it is not on YouTube, unfortunately. Perhaps I'll upload it later and share it at another time.

If you ever have the chance to go to Sight and Sound Theatres, GO!!! Joseph is being replaced by Jonah in October, so don't miss out. :)


  1. We bought the DVD of this production. I can't wait for our movie fast to be over so we can watch it!

    1. Enjoy! We have it too, but it can't compare with the real thing, in my opinion. It's really good; I just liked our actor in Branson and his amazing voice better! :)But you will still enjoy it!

  2. All I can say is WOW! Looks like an incredible production!!!! How were you able to get front row seats?! Excellent!

    1. I am assuming it was because we booked everything far enough in advanced. We got front row seats at Medieval Times and second row seats at the Dixie Stampede too. It really was so much fun!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the show! As cast members, we rarely get to hear our audience's feedback. Thanks for the great review, so glad you enjoyed the show! God bless!

    1. Hi Stephen. Thank you so much! Are you an actor? We REALLY loved the performance. So much so that we may go back to see the next performance of Jonah. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful, God-honoring performance.

  4. This was the greatest! I can't wait to go see the Jonah, Moses and Christmas musical! =D


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