Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oklahoma or Bust!

Yes, I am doing three posts this week instead of two. So much is happening I can't keep up!

I am going to start uploading photos of our trip! Today, I thought I would start with our venture into Oklahoma City.

Starting from New Mexico...

Having too much fun...

I think this was the capitol building in Oklahoma City.

The damage from the tornado was immense.

Some people had the right idea about it!

Humorous group, aren't they?

Our first fun stop was at Southwest Baptist Church on Sunday morning!

With Mom...

With me...

A. Big. Church. Here we are speaking with the gentleman who did our revival, Steve Osteen.

I think the auditorium and balcony seat around 3-4,000.

The choir was about half the size of our church!

Enjoy this clip of their choir special!


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