Friday, July 26, 2013

My Sanctified Imagination: Called to Life

Again, I didn't get all the rest of my photos of the Creation Museum uploaded! Let's hope for Monday!

Again, my sanctified imagination has journeyed into the Bible Times. But this is no adventure story about Jonathan and his gallant armor-bearer this time. It's a much sadder, much darker tale - until Jesus came.

Think back to the plight of Mary and Martha. Their brother Lazarus lies dead, buried in a cold, silent tomb. Both sisters are broken, crushed. They feel empty. 

Worst of all, they feel Jesus has failed them.

They asked him to come. Instead, he delayed his coming. Why? I can almost hear the anguished cry of the sisters. Why?Why?

Why didn't Jesus come in time? He knew how much they loved Lazarus. He could have healed him. He could have given back the brother they needed so much. Didn't He care? Didn't He want the best for His faithful followers, his friends?

Time brought them the answers to their questions, to the things they couldn't understand. Jesus waited for their sakes, giving them the chance to discover the greatness reaching far beyond the grave. His greatness. 

His timing was perfect. 

They discovered that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. And they found out that Jesus calls us to life.

Song property of Sight and Sound Theaters. Image not my own. If following by email, click on the link to my blog at bottom of page and watch video online.

This song from Sight and Sound Theaters is very powerful. It is also special to me. It portrays how Jesus waits, how His timing is perfect. Remember, wherever you are, He calls you to life!


  1. I like it! We were actually just going through the story of Lazarus in church! :-)

    1. How interesting! It must have the Holy Spirit's leading. I was going to post another song today, but I got delayed and felt God telling me to do this one instead! :)

  2. Little Miss Blue EyesJuly 27, 2013 at 12:37 AM

    I love this song Alicia! If only you could find the music for it...

    1. I did contact Sight and Sound about possibly purchasing their music, if it becomes available to public choirs. :) We will see!

  3. That was awesome!! I got chills as soon as he started calling out Lazarus. And YES!! HIS perfect timing! Beautiful singing.


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