Monday, July 29, 2013

Creation Museum

Finally, at long last, a post about the Creation Museum. 

Take a 4 minute tour of the museum, created by Yours Truly! ;)

I absolutely loved it in Kentucky. It was so green and reminded me of the Amazon. :) I loved the humidity, the constant rain, and the fresh, misty scent. I did occasionally miss the New Mexico blue sky, though. You rarely see a bit of blue peeping through the clouds.

Great Dinosaurs! Ah, scary! 

We made it onto the cover of a magazine. Heehee!

I am not particularly fond of that snake lurking around my head!

The gorgeous botanical gardens!

We are saved from the flood. His promises are true!

All of the historical displays about dinosaurs were very awesome, particularly the ones about the Romans and Knights.

Dragon Hall Bookstore - My kind of shop!

Men in White. A special effects theatre with two very entertaining angels: Gabe and Mike. Hah!

These dinosaurs and people move. :) 

Digging for dinos!


God's WORD. The only authority.


The human authors who, by inspiration, gave us the Word of God. 


He is risen!

Martin Luther.

Gutenberg Press.

The Scopes Trial. Man begins to take God's Word flippantly, mocking it in America.

Sadly, this is so true - even among Christians. God's Word is no longer the authority - whatever feels good or whatever they can get away with under the guise of Christian "liberty" is now the standard.

This is a wall simply littered with thousands of the saddest media records of the result of sin. Murders, abortion, and other grotesque acts,

Six Days Theatre! 

Men are without excuse!                            Adam being created by God.

Garden of Eden!!!!


This was the first day at the Creation Museum. Hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. Wow!! Now I want to go even more! Thanks for the lovely tour Alicia! That was great! Loved all the photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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