Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Giveaway!

Finished with his preparations for the day, Kenneth turned towards
the door with the pitcher in his hand, intending to fetch warm water for
his new lord’s use....

-Excerpt taken from In Search of Adventure, The Comrades of Honor Series #2.

What? Washing in the Middle Ages? You betcha! It is rather a misled conception that folks never washed in the Middle Ages. Rather, it is known that pages and squires carried fresh water to their lord's room every morning for washing up. Bathing houses have been discovered and many historians now agree that medieval noblefolk enjoyed long, hot baths. You can read more on the subject HERE.

And what's the point? I said all that to say this:


In honor of the release of In Search of Adventure, Kelsianne Skin Care has graciously consented to host a giveaway! The product is homemade and has a rustic charm all of its own! I think any medieval lady (or gentleman!) would have been proud to own such a sweet smelling cleanser.

Best of all, the winner has a choice of scent! Kelsianne Skin Care is offering Sweet Rosebud, Goat's Milk and Honey, or Honey Oatmeal - your choice!

I've used some of Kelsianne's wonderful products before and I can guarantee how great they are!


What got you started making bath products?I'd have to say it was was my Mom and Dad who got me interested in soap making. For my eleventh birthday they gave me some glycerine, green dye, and a few soap molds. I couldn't wait to get started! With much encouragement from my Mom, I decided to create a business selling soap!  It has since grown, proving to be a great learning experience.

What is your favorite product to make?
I really enjoy making sugar scrubs. They're fairly simple and the result is amazing. I also really enjoy preparing the "Finished product" for sale. Popping fresh soap out of the mold, placing lids and shrink-wrap on tubes of chap-stick, the creamy shine of a hardened lotion bar... You get the picture!

What ingredients do you use?
When I'm making soap, I use glycerine as my base. It's safer to use than lye and has many benefits as far as moisture is concerned.  Glycerine is a humectant, meaning, it actually attracts moisture to your skin. 
  When adding a special color to the soap mixture, I want it all to be as natural as possible. I use tumeric for a lively orange, or paprika (in white glycerine) for a creamy, yet gently speckled bar. There are many other ways I can create color without using the basic "food coloring" you find at the supermarket.
  Various oils also play a big part in most of my products. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grapefruit seed oil, and E oil, just to name a few. The different properties with their many textures and blends create a product that softens the skin in even the worst dryness. I love it!

Do you have a website or blog link to share?I am hoping to get a website up and running soon. I have some exciting plans  for my business that need to happen first, however. In the meantime though, please feel free to check out my blog!

Anything else you would like to add? Thank-you so much for the interview, Alicia! It's been a pleasure. :-)

Enter Giveaway!

To enter, leave a comment stating which of the three products is your favorite. You can double your entry by sharing the giveaway and leaving a second comment where you found it. To triple your entry, join Kelsey's blog and leave a third comment stating you have done so. Ordering a copy of my new book through me will get you a fourth entry!

Good luck, participants! And thank you, Kelsianne Skin Care for this wonderful giveaway and interview!


  1. They all look simply delicious (in a smelly way--you know what I mean). I have to say the Sweet Rosebud, though!

  2. Ohhhh misconceptions about the Middle Ages, perhaps not so much a subject close to my heart as one I like tackle, including this one, which I have also written a blog post on to. Hussah to you for helping the cause and exposing misinformation!

    Apparently King Edward III is supposed to have had III had taps with running water.

  3. Ooops, typos in that comment, the 'had III' not meant to be there

  4. Wow!! I too can vouch for the efficacy, amazingly softening properties these all natural soaps offer!! I use them all the time! They feel and smell scrumptious as well! Knowing everything in them is healthy and actually good for you, like food for the skin, helps a ton too!I won't enter since I already am a ready user so someone else can experience Kelsianne products!
    I Always appreciate your knowledge and accuracy about the Middle Ages Alicia! Great information to dispel all those rancid myths! :-)

  5. By the way, when does this contest end?

  6. Fun, fun! I for one can vouche that Kelsey's products are amazing. Her sugar scrubs are the BEST! I think my favorite soap would have to be the Goat's Milk & Honey one: it sounds soooo tasty. =D

  7. Kelsey's soaps are as pure as she is. She and her soaps are a rare thing.
    Alicia, you are a rare jewel as well. :)

  8. Sweet Rosebud sounds wonderful. =)

    1. Congrats to Crystal for winning the contest! :)


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