Monday, June 3, 2013

Vacation Bible School

Last week was definitely a very rewarding, fun, and exhausting week! VBS kicked off on Tuesday and ended Friday night. The theme was "Running to Win", focusing on running our spiritual race and getting rid of carnal "fat". 

To view the entire album of photos, you can click HERE.


The penny drive is always so much fun! All of the money we raised went to our missionaries in Brazil. I think we had about $350 in pennies!!!

Weighing the pennies. I think the boys won here....


I was able to speak with Trinity (left) about her assurance of salvation.

My two athletic brothers on "Dress Like An Athlete Day".

Sarah, trying to figure out a puzzle to get the girls more points!

Our cute couple, dressed like athletes! They are just too adorable.

Isaac had a little too much fun playing with the water fountain...

Nathan, rounding up kids for game-time.

Mr. Butterball is getting a lesson in losing his carnal fat!

Teaching everyone the song "Wadalieacha" was too much fun!

Snacks are important!

Yes, Aaron and Eric have fun wherever they go!


Nathan and his assistant Jared did a marvelous job with games! I even played bowling with them!

Lydia ran a race against Thomas... They knocked over the entire stage! But they tied - points for both the boys and girls!

Boo-boo day. Trust me, none of these wounds are real! Just makeup...
 These kids went all out! 

Mr. Butterball gets a lesson in how sin binds us and we can't break free. He did have an excellent Spiritual Trainer (Megan) who ensured he lost his carnal fat by the end of the week!

Our VBS leader, Pastor Dan.

Giving out prizes... Stephen got perfect attendance!

The top three winners - Samuel, Ashleigh, and Clayton! Samuel and Ashleigh have been the best boy and girl for two years in a row. The undefeated champions!

Lots of food during Parent's Night...

Yes, Pastor Dan has the best facial expressions! 

Everything went really well, thanks to God! We had a ton of kids and they all did a great job with learning their songs/verses. Several children were saved and assurance questions were answered! And quite a few teens from our bus ministry came out to serve, which was really encouraging. 

Again, you can click HERE to see the entire album.

How did your week go?


  1. Thanks for all the time you put into playing the music and helping with Isaac. Your a blessing! Love Ya Lots.

  2. Thanks for posting! I love your photo captions. And VBS was a big blessing. :)

  3. I finally just had to subscribe to your blog, Alicia. These pictures are amazing, and I almost missed them!!!!! :o O ;o P lol

  4. Well, I am so very glad you did! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!


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