Thursday, June 20, 2013

Confessions of a HFA...

Confused yet? My friend and writing mentor Betsy St. Amant wrote a book called Confessions of a PK (Preacher's Kid). So I am going to do Confessions of a Historical Fiction Author....

Actually, I only have one confession. You know the little writing sample I did for you several months ago? You can view it HERE. Anyhow, all of you were convinced it was part of In Search of Adventure. My shocking confession? It wasn't. I wrote it randomly and at the last minute.

So, as my little make-it-up-to-you, here is the synopsis on the back of my book! (Pre-edited; an editor/copyrighter is taking a look at it and may make some changes.)


    Enter In Search of Adventure, the thrilling second installment of The Comrades of Honor Series! Packed with action at every bend, this tale takes up the story of Nathaniel de Lance, once the page of Sir Robert.

    Now a young man and belted knight, Sir Nathaniel takes young Kenneth Dale for his squire, a boy left destitute by a stroke of ill-fortune. Quickly learning to trust and care for each other, Sir Nathaniel and Kenneth become fast friends, little knowing how much they will need their mutual comradeship.

    Taking advantage of his liberty as a knight, Sir Nathaniel leaves his boyhood home to visit old friends. The small journey quickly takes an unexpected turn, however, and climaxes into a perilous adventure. Old enemies revisit the scene, creating hazards that require all of Sir Nathaniel’s strength and valor to overcome. Trapped in a hostile country, the question arises: Will he ever return?

    Join Sir Nathaniel and Kenneth in their rousing adventure and witness the perils that strengthen their courage. Their friendship is extraordinary – but will the rewards of their devotion be greater still?

    A novel of adventure, comradeship, and suspense, as a valiant knight seeks to overcome his merciless foes and retain honor in a hostile land.

Also, I wanted to introduce my Launch Team! I haven't had a chance to interview them (they're all busy reading In Search of Adventure anyway!) but I do wish to thank the following for all of their wonderful help and support:

Crystal Willis
Aaron Waite
Joshua Hoppman
Sarah Holman
Aaron Holets
Daniel Kuehn

Thank you to my wonderful Launch Team and supporters!


  1. I am so enjoying this book! Thanks for letting me be part of the team.

    1. I'm glad you like it. :) And I'm so glad you're on the team!

  2. Too funny! You had me wondering what on earth an HFA was!! Well you did have me fooled with your little "excerpt" a while back. This book sounds wonderful! Can't wait!!

  3. How exciting! It will be soon!! I can't wait to find out what goes on in this book ... especially what "hostile country" Nathaniel finds himself in.

    1. Hostile countries are rather fun, I find. :) I do enjoy thinking up every possible predicament I can put my characters in. Getting them out is a little harder!


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