Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to wish my Mom an early "Happy Mother's Day"! 

I am so grateful we have a day to celebrate mothers and motherhood. There are innumerable things I love about my Mom, but I'll list some of the most important to me.

1. She's approachable. Strangers are constantly sharing their life story, trials, and joys with her. I'm glad she gives them the time and sympathy they so desperately want and need.

2. She has high Biblical standards. 

3. She's very discerning. In a day where standards are mocked and cultism slips into the church unaware, I highly appreciate someone who has the gift of discernment.

4. She's made many sacrifices for us. I couldn't begin to list them all, but one of my most appreciated one was the time she invested in our music lessons and training. 

5. She makes a conscious effort to do fun things with us. 

I could go on and on, but I'll stop there. :) I love you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!


And, for all mothers everywhere, may you have a very special Mother's Day!


  1. That is an awesome and well deserved tribute to a beautiful woman of God! You are blessed! <3 :-)

  2. Nice new picture of you BTW! ;-)

  3. What a precious tribute! She sounds like a wonderful woman :)

  4. Your mother is all that and more! I treasure her and the example she is to me. Whenever I am with her, I feel challenged to be a better person- just by her presence!! I love her too.

  5. Woohoo - congrats to the world's best mom! She is such a lovely example of a godly woman, and I am so proud to have her as my mother. Love the picture of her too!

  6. What a surprise! You are so sweet to think of me. I hope that I can be all that you said and more. Being your mother has been a great joy to me and I thank God for giving me the privilege of being a mom. All 8 of you are my greatest treasures on earth. I love you so much.


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