Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Challenge

I was invited by HERITAGE OF GRACE to participate in a blog challenge, so here goes!

 Here are the questions: 
What is your favorite hymn?
    This is a hard one! I love Be Thou My Vision, Jesus I Am Resting, Resting, Come Thou Fount, To God Be the Glory, and I Am Resolved in particular. It is hard to choose a favorite because they all impart such wonderful, Christ-honoring truths.

What do you consider to be the most difficult book of the Bible? Why?
    Ezekiel used to be difficult for me until I took my Faith Bible Institute courses and then it made perfect sense! (I used to not have a clue what "wheels inside of wheels" meant - until I studied God's Throne Chariot and His Shekinah Glory Cloud!) I do think Revelations, Ezekiel  and Daniel are the three most misunderstood books of the Bible, if that qualifies as a "difficulty". 
A character trait you most admire in people?
   Probably loyalty. And then mercy and thankfulness.

What do you like most about your family?
    I like the size (ten altogether). I like that everyone is so different, both in looks and personality.

What do you wish you could do more of?
    Bowling? Witnessing? Eating chocolate?

Favorite author and book?
    Hmmm. This is a tough one! Probably Prisoners of the Sea by Florence Kingsley and Pearl Maiden by H. R. Haggard. 

Do you prefer active/outdoor activities or creative/indoor activities?
    Both actually! If I'm outside, I love to be doing volleyball and I'm learning how to play Ultimate Frisbee. I'm mostly inside, though, and I love crafts, card making, and writing. 

Do you keep a journal/diary?
    Nope. I write enough as it is!

What is your favorite healthy food or recipe (ex: blueberries)?
    Health food. Well, that all depends on what you classify as health food! (Chocolate and coffee can be classified as healthy!) But, I think I get the idea. I love cottage cheese, fresh fruit, fresh peas, regular cheese, salmon, nuts....I can't possibly pick just one! I love food!

Do you think music is neutral or does it have an influence on those who listen?
    Music neutral? Absolutely not! It has a most definite influence. After all, Lucifer was the covering cherub who was created with musical instruments inside him. And he wants to corrupt music and turn the beautiful invention of God into something evil. Some of the most promising Christians I have seen go into a fast downwards, worldly spiral once they get into any form of rock&roll. So, yes, it has a definite influence.

Which historical person (besides Biblical characters) do you most admire?
    Jean Cavalier. At age 19, he was one of the most successful Protestant generals known in his era. He lead a very valiant revolt against religious persecution in France. Another hero of mine is William Wilberforce, one of the greatest abolitionists of all time.

What do you like best about blogging?
    Getting to meet new people and sharing my thoughts/life adventures!

Thank you for tagging me, Heritage of Grace!


  1. Very fun post! It was neat to get to see a peak into your world- sometimes we never ask basic questions like this and so don't know. :) (although I did know most of them and I knew THE most important like chocolate and coffee!!!) :D

    Lots of Love

    1. Hah! You knew the important ones, my friend!

  2. Great fun! I love reading what my dearest friends like and believe are important. Thank you for sharing this with me! God Bless you!

  3. Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for participating! It was really fun to read your answers! Each person who is taking part in the challenge is so unique, I love reading everyone's post. I totally agree with you on the music! And Jean Cavalier is one person now on my list to research about- interesting character.

    1. Thank you for tagging me! I enjoyed this experience. :)

  4. I am curious about your assessment of "rock & roll". Do you believe that it is the style of the music (instruments used, pace, feel…ect.) or do you believe that it is the lyrics? I actually find no Biblical evidence that God favors one style of music over another. Obviously, there is music that is not God honoring but I would contend that this is because of the lyrics that are used and not the style of music.

    Just curious what you think, I love blogs since they give us the opportunity to better understand each other and the Bible. In case you are interested, I am in the process of building a blog that will ask, and attempt to answer, questions about the world and how we interact with it.

    1. Thank you for visiting!

      Well, what do you consider to be rock and roll? And, as you acknowledge there is music that dishonors the Lord, how do YOU distinguish between a godly and a worldly beat?

      I consider it to be the instruments and particular beat. I believe many of the lyrics are good, but I could name quite a few "Christian" bands that have extremely dishonoring lyrics. God actually did institute quite a few basic principles about how to worship Him when he set up music leaders, certain temple instruments, and choirs in the OT. And the fall of Satan (who still has his musical abilities built into him) has a great deal to do with perversion of music.

      This subject really isn't one I can answer with a small comment. It's too deep. For now, I highly recommend the book "What's Wrong with Christian Rock?" by Jeff Gowdin, available by Chick Publications. Or, if you are sincerely interested, I can do an entire blog post on the subject. :)

  5. This was really interesting! "Be Thou My Vision" is my favorite hymn ... since you play the piano, have you found an arrangement of that hymn that you particularly enjoy? Just curious. :)
    You like H. Rider Haggard too! His book The Brethren is one of my favorites. I liked Pearl Maiden too!
    I completely agree with you about the music. Thanks for recommending that book "What's Wrong with Christian Rock?" I'll look into it, because I've been wanting to study that question.

    1. Yes, I have discovered a beautiful and fairly moderate version in the Celtic Hymn Settings For Piano book by Larry Shakley. It was published by the Hope Publishing Company.

      I hope the book is useful to you. I do advise that your parents take a look at it. It is written by a former drug addict and rock group member who knows the dangers firsthand. He leaves nothing out about the reality of this form of music. I hope it is beneficial to you! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Fun post! I so admire Wilberforce, too. What an example of fighting the good fight until the end. It's easy to fight for a while, but to stay focused and persevere when GOD has called you to a task-WOW!!

    As for wonderful books, I just finished reading Bruchko the story of missionary Bruce Olsen was just so heart wrenching. I cried many times as I read that one.

    I was intrigued by your comment about Lucifer, though, and wondered if you'd give the scripture reference about Lucifer and music. I agree that there certainly are dishonoring music bands and songs out there, but I also know that there are many Jews who still only listen to the "original" music from the Psalms thinking that anything but that style of music is unGodly. (and can any of us truly know what the style of music the songs were 4000 years ago??) It is true that GOD gave some basic principles (especially in Psalm 150), but there aren't pianos or organs in that Psalm. I don't think that means we can't enjoy the beauty of those two instruments (at least I'd sure hate to give up my piano!). HE also talks about Praising HIM with dance, but I haven't seen people dancing in praise to GOD in any church I've been in. So, I do think there are principles, but each culture may exhibit their praise to GOD differently.

    You mentioned "Some of the most promising Christians I have seen go into a fast downwards, worldly spiral once they get into any form of rock&roll." I wonder if we could actually look at the heart of those people whether we'd see a hardening already before they started listening to rock and roll. It might be that the music was the result of their hardening rather than the cause of it.

    YES! I'd love to see you write an entire post on this subject. Any subject is wonderful because I think that it's great when "iron sharpens iron" so that we can all be focused on how to serve and honor GOD in our daily lives. It's easy to overlook an area of possible sin in our lives, so keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! The book sounds intriguing!

      I definitely agree with you. Many instruments are not included in Scripture and there is definitely a wide variety for us to enjoy. And, yes, many cultures do exhibit different forms of praise, as in Africa where it's exuberant or Germany where it is subdued.

      Perhaps that's true! But that still leaves the music as a tool for the enemy. The reference I spoke was of Ezekiel 28:13-15 (KJV), although the entire chapter makes for some very interesting reading. Rather than involve in a discussion (which may offend) with any of my readers, I recommend the book "What's Wrong With Christian Rock" by Jeff Godwin. It is an amazing read, written by one who truly knows what he is talking about.

      Thank you again for stopping by!

  7. Hey Alicia,

    I was also one of the bloggers invited to participate in this challenge, so I was looking to see what some of the other bloggers answered. I also like "Prisoners of the Sea," and I have read one of H. Rider Haggard's other books "The Brethren" which was centered around the holy wars. It was a bit too "romantic" but I enjoyed it very much.

    God bless,



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