Thursday, May 16, 2013

Author Interview

Today, we have a special guest! Please enjoy this author interview with Juvenile Fiction author Sarah Heckendorn!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ll start off saying that I am a born again Christian, redeemed by my Savior’s 
blood. Without Him, I am nothing. I am also a homeschool graduate, a biology 
enthusiast, and aspiring musician. I play fiddle and piano, primarily, and love 
every minute of it. I live on a ranch in Moriarty, NM, with my family (Dad, mom, 
an older sister, two younger brothers). I’m a country girl through and through and 
love my wide open spaces. :-) 

How long have you been pursuing writing?

I think I started writing and telling ‘stories’ when I was rather young. However, the 
actual idea of really sitting down and writing something serious didn’t happen 
until about age ten or eleven. I came up with some interesting paragraph to see if 
I could interest my younger brother to read more and it kind of went from there. I 
figured, ‘hey, if I can tell part of a story, why not all of it?’.

Tell us about your book!

The book that I will have at convention is mainly about two children, brother and 
sister, who enjoy stories just like any other kid. They get into trouble and mischief 
and often learn a lesson the hard way. Their Grandpa Joe is their favorite 
storyteller. When he visits, he always has a story in his pocket that he can pull out and share with the children. Each story has a unique moral that applies to the lesson that the children themselves are learning. Each of the stories Grandpa Joe tells are about animal characters. There is Tiddlewink the mouse, Barney Tadpole 
the frog, and Floppy Hare- just to name a few. :-)

Where is your book available at?

The book, On Grandpa's Knee, will be available through my store on my publishing site and also at 
Amazon. Check  for further updates:

Any future writing projects in mind?

I might have a few up my sleeve. ;-) I actually have a modern day novel in the 
works, as well as a medieval era story. The project that I hope to get done first, 
though, doesn’t have too much to do with writing. I’m hoping to get my children’s 
stories dramatized on an audio CD. Although these will more than likely not be 
available at the convention, I am working on making them available very soon 

Who is your favorite book character?

Ooh, it’s very difficult to choose. I guess it would have to be Tiddlewink because 
he is the one I most relate to. James is also a favorite character because he is one 
of your average boys that is fun, spunky, but also has a heart. I kind of wish I could 
pluck him out of the book and playing a romping game of baseball with him. :-) 

Any final thoughts?

Thank you so much for interviewing me, Alicia! I look forward to selling books 
with you and also seeing the other wonderful writings that you publish in the 
future. :-)

Thank you, Sarah, for joining me today! May God grant your writing endeavors much success!


  1. Woohoo, Sarah! I am so privileged to know you not just as a wonderful author, but as a dear friend. You are such a talented young lady of the Lord! Keep writing for his glory!

  2. Yay for delightful authors! Good questions, Alicia, and good answers, Sarah!

    Love you both!


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