Monday, May 27, 2013

An Author's [Heart-Stopping] Life

This is not a test. This is not a test. Interrupting this post to say Happy Memorial Day!

I was quietly minding my own business on a normal Friday afternoon. Normal life (whatever that is for me!) was occurring and I was very busy. 

So busy I didn't hear the phone ring.

About three hours later, I chanced to walk by the phone. A little red light flashed and I realized there was a new message. My eye fell on the Caller-ID, and sudden confusion shot through my mind.


How could I have possibly missed their call? I wasn't expecting one. My book is in Theological Review right now and I shouldn't be getting a call - unless it's BAD NEWS.

I snatched up the phone and hit the message playback. A strange voice sounded back at me.
"Hello, Alicia, this is James (mumbles last name) from CrossBooks. Give me call back at..." And that was it.

James? Who was that? I couldn't hear his last name, he didn't signify WHO he was (you know, was he the official bad-news-giver, the president of the company, or someone wanting to interview me?), or WHAT he wanted. 

I immediately Googled him. Who was he? I couldn't find out... And it was a Friday afternoon - too late to call back. Tennessee is two hours ahead of New Mexico and Mister Unknown had long left work. I wouldn't know until Monday just what was wrong.

I agonized over the entire weekend. What was wrong? What errors did my manuscript contain? I am a Independent Baptist, for pity's sake! They are Independent Baptist. Nothing should be wrong. If there was, I was going to protest. 

Then, Monday morning, THE PHONE RANG.

I dashed to get it, tripping over two laundry baskets and nearly jumping over Isaac. I stumbled into the kitchen and breathlessly snatched up the phone. Panting, I assumed the sweetest voice I could muster.

"Hello, this is Alicia Willis speaking."

"Hello, Alicia." A pleasant voice sounded back at me. "This is James."

And? James WHO? Why was he calling? He didn't seem in a hurry to tell me. We made small talk, speaking about my sister's grad party, his weekend, my upcoming vacation. My agony grew.

Then, finally, "I was basically calling to introduce myself. I am your new Book Consultant and wanted to make sure everything was going well with you."

My world melted in peace.... Oh, my new Book Consultant. I was safe. My precious manuscript was safe. 

Sure, I knew that all along. Now to go find out what James' last name is...


  1. Hahaha! Too funny! Glad it was all good!!

  2. Hah! This is funny. I never could figure out that guy's last name, but it was fun trying to guess. Glad nothing went wrong. =D

  3. lol Shows you God is in control, I guess. . . although I would have panicked if I had a book in Theological Review, someone I didn't know was calling, and the only reason someone from there should be calling was bad!!!! ;o P My brother and I had a good laugh over this (and the pictures you used!) anyway.


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