Monday, April 15, 2013

Pagan Cereal?

Right before you spoon those delicious Cocoa Puffs into your mouth, let me warn you: You're partaking of paganism! Well, no, not really. Confused yet? Let me explain!

Like the nerd I am, I have been studying the ancient Romans. (Hey, history is fun!) I was interested in the festivals that would have taken place in April. Lo and behold, the festival that would currently be taking place is the Festival of Cerealia. 

Ceres? Yes, the grain goddess. Fields and crops are sacred to Ceres; thus, foxes are punished during this festival for destroying precious fields. This week-long festival was also celebrated by games at the Circus Maximus. (I wonder if this is why games are so popular on the back of cereal boxes?)

So I think you got it. Our tasty cereal derived its name from Ceres and her festival Cerealia. (Drop the ia and you've got cereal!)

So go eat some scrambled eggs....


  1. The word cereal may be derived from a pagan goddess, but the basic ingredients themselves are made by our Creator. There is nothing wrong with eating them.

    And I personally love corn flakes. Yummy!


  2. So, just out of curiosity, what about the verse talking about 'what was unclean, I have made clean...' (and I can't remember exactly where it is right now). Just curious. :)

    Quite frankly, I feel a little more concerned over the GMO products that are being put into cereals... rather scary.

  3. @Essie - you go girl! Go eat some corn flakes! :)

    @Sarah - Well, this post is meant to be humorous, not spiritual... :) I've got no problems with cereal whatsoever. :)

  4. Oh Alicia! You are too funny! Yes, it could be taken you think no one should eat cereal. I agree. That stuff is not good for you! But I still really enjoy a big bowl of cinnamon toasters! hahaha

    So, just to be sure, are you being completely funny? You made this all up? Because it is really funny if you did...... :D

    1. Well, I can't eat it because of my blood sugar. But I do enjoy it! Cocoa Puffs are my favorite, so I was picking on myself a bit there!

      No, all of the history is true. Look it up - it's an interesting study. I was just putting my own funny twist on it!

  5. Hehe...this is funny. I think people are taking you seriously, Alicia! Personally, I'm craving a big bowl of Reese's Puffs right now. =D

  6. That is funny Alicia and how coincidental that you just read that historical piece! :-) Well, my family does eat way too much, cereal, er non food, junk!! No matter what it is very important to carefully consider what we take into our bodies,the temple of the Holy Spirit, right? Is it food, man made chemically ridden, GMO'd, overly processed, mineral and vitamin depleted, over cooked, extruded, and?? ...well, you know what I am saying! I do love a bowl once in a while though! Mmmmm, Cheerios!!Thanks for posting! God Bless you.

  7. Lol, lets hope this doesn't get conspiracy theorists going! Some of them could find satanic or sinister connections with almost anything, from vaccines to Prince William!

    1. Hah! It just might! I can just see everybody boycotting cereal now....

    2. Don't get me started on mentioning those..... like why is it that so many seem to involve the British royal family, why not the Spanish, or the Swedish?

      We have something called a full English Breakfast which includes bacon, sausage, fried egg, and some lovely optional extras like mushroom, baked beans, hash brown, cooked tomatoes and some people like it with a hideous monstrosity knows as 'black pudding'. I like most of the above except baked beans, the tomatoes and and the latter. Lots of calories but hearty fare!

      And maybe not all cereals are modern processed food-- porridge is a good old classic.

    3. Good point! Personally, I think copying the royal family is fun! Did you know that is one reason Alexander Graham Bell's telephone was accepted? Because the queen liked it! :)

      Sounds lovely! Except the black pudding of course. Porridge is definitely good, as is my favorite: Homemade granola. :) Of course, none of this post has anything to do with consuming cereal. It's just about the history of its name. :)

    4. Yeah I think I grasped the point of the post, but I do like porridge.. and the cooked delights, and granola if that refers to what I think it does. Interesting though, I think I have heard of Ceres but my knowledge of classical mythology is not good..

      My mention of the royal family was in the reference to conspiracy theories btw...

  8. LOL! You are too funny, Alicia! Interesting though. :-)

  9. This is very interesting!
    It is so very sad how the world always makes everything bad.
    Alicia is not trying to say cereal is bad, just pointing out a neat fact!
    It is very interesting how a lot of thing got there names from different false gods. Dion's was named after a false Greek god too.
    The evidence of of sin is everywhere.
    I can not wait until we all get to heaven!

  10. Maybe we should call them "Pagan Puffs" so it's just out there in the open ;)


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