Monday, April 29, 2013

Convention, Graduation, and Pizza - Oh My!

Well, as I am sure you've assumed, April 18-20 was a very busy time! (Not to mention, I had a busy Sunday and finals on Monday to top it all off!) 

Homeschool Authors Table (Thursday-Saturday)

Author Sarah Elizabeth and I shared a table at the CAPE homschool convention. Praise God, I sold out on the second day and she sold out on the third day! (We actually both made sales after the vendor hall had already closed on Friday and Saturday!)

I sold books to three vendors, which was amusing. I suppose after hours upon hours of hearing my sales pitch, they decided they needed a copy! Of course, God's hand was upon it all.

Showcase (Thursday Night)

On Thursday evening, we performed in Showcase, a portion of the convention promoting the achievements/talents of homeschoolers. Lydia and I performed a violin/piano duet together. As we are both graduated, this was the last year we were able to do so. Additionally, Lydia's group, Hymns for Him, performed her arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic

Left to right - Kayla Hoppman, Isabella Blake, Emily Blodgett, Sarah Willis, Lydia Willis (violinists), Daniel Blodgett (snare drum), and your truly (pianist). Nathan Schwebach turned pages.

My uncle, who has attended Legacy Church, says that the auditorium holds about 3,000 people. I would say maybe 1/3 of that number attended the showcase. It was definitely a huge turn-out. I was exceedingly nervous. The piano at this multi-million dollar church is very, ahem, dinky. As there was no music stand, I had to call in a last-minute page turner. (A huge thank-you to runner Nathan Schwebach!) Praise God, both of our performances went very well!

2013 Graduation


After Lydia's graduation ceremony, we went out for pizza. We celebrated with two other graduates: Jeremiah Hoppman and Megan Piatt.

(Jeremiah, Megan, and Lydia. I knew tons of people graduating, but these three are extra special to me! For those of you who don't know, Jeremiah is my adopted cousin and close friend, Megan is my prayer partner and Pastor's daughter, and Lydia is my cute sister. They all look fantabulous, don't they?!)

We totally packed the Dions! There was close to 50 of our party alone. 

(I don't have a clue what Pastor Dan was doing. His flying fist must have been amusing though!)

(The Love-Birds, Aaron and Megan! So cute!)

(Pastor Brian and Collin, Aaron's friend.)

(Again, I have no clue what the conversation topic was! I am assuming something about sports, victory, or we-who-are-about-to-die-salute-thee! Just kidding.)

(I couldn't get a single good photo of the three graduates and their cake. They wouldn't hold still! All the excitement must have been a little too much... Oh, well. All three are super good looking anyway!)

Altogether, it was a very fun couple of days. on the lookout for some more fun news!!!


  1. That was a nice recap, Alicia. Great photos and commentary. (I, too, was wondering what the conversation was with Uncle Monty's oh-so-subtle hand motions. heehee <3
    Looking forward to the forthcoming news! (Maybe about a book, perchance?)

    1. I know! I am dying to know what he was talking about! It was probably about "bring the pizza right here!" Heehee.

      Perchance? Oh, I could hug you! :) Mayhap, my good lady....

  2. Fun pictures, Alicia! That was an enjoyable evening. :-)

    1. It sure was... I'm glad I finally got some rest after it all though! :)

  3. As always you did a fantastic job of giving a picturesque journey of our really wonderful evening! Good news???? There you go again, leaving us all hanging! :-) News??IS your book nearly done??? A new one in the works?? Ahem, we are holding our breath...:-)
    Love you sweet lady!
    Aunt Lydia

  4. Thanks for resharing such sweet memories with us. I am so thankful to God for His bountiful blessings on all of us and for giving us the sweetest friends to share these times with. Whoo BIG NEWS! All stay tuned.:) Love You Lots.

    1. @Aunt Lydia - Thank you! Ah, you will have to wait!
      @Mom - Yep, stay tuned! Of course, methinks you have the inside scoop... Love yah!


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