Thursday, March 7, 2013


The voting has been closed for your favorite character in To Birmingham Castle. And, as I suspect you've gathered, Brandon de Walheign is the esteemed victor!!!

Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, muscular

Courageous, sarcastic, bold, loyal

Saxon squire-of-honor to the Earl of Birmingham

...Upon being admitted into the castle, Brandon made his way directly to the chamber of his lord. The sun had already set, and, knowing the anxiety his master would be feeling on his account, he did not wait to remove his dust-stained garments. Entering Sir Robert’s chamber without a knock and gaily sweeping off his cap, he bowed low before his half-startled lord.
     “Well, beausire, for once I have proven thee wrong. I have returned safe and sound, with nary a scratch upon my entire being. Further still, I have fulfilled my mission in an astonishingly wonderful manner and am fully-ready to receive the apology I am certain I ought to receive from thee.”
    Sir Robert leaned back in his seat, fixing Brandon with an amused look. “An insolent fellow thou art, Brandon. I scarce know why I have worried myself mad about thee today.” Then, motioning to a seat, “Seat thyself and tell me of all that befell thee.”
    Brandon stood where he was, twirling his cap within his hands. “I am yet waiting to receive my due,” he said demurely, “and thou wilt hear nothing from me until I have received it.”
    Sir Robert knit his brows in mock displeasure. “Thou pestilent fellow!” he fumed. “Thou art more daring and presumptuous to me than all of the men of Birmingham Castle put together.”
    “A sad fact, is it not? ‘Tis truly a pity thou hast not a spineless, cowering squire. But there – thou might as well admit the injustice thou did me, for I’ll not be moved by any amount of thy lectures...."

-Excerpt taken from To Birmingham Castle. All Rights Reserved. 


Methinks dashing Saxons are everyone's favorite! I thought everyone would go for the tall, dark, and handsome commander (Sir Robert), but I have since realized that my chivalrous, daring squire won quite a few more fans! 

I've tried to come up with a photo of what Brandon looks like, but I really cannot find one. Fritz Robinson (James McArthur) of Disney's The Swiss Family Robinson may be an option, but he's not quite right.  Maybe you all have an idea? Someone from a movie perhaps? Leave a comment and let me know!

What sort of character do you hope to see in my next books?


  1. Hmmm....I know someone who I think fits the description, but they're not in a movie. =P How 'bout the Briton youth in 'The Ten Commandments'? (You know, the one who escorts Neferteri.)

    1. Hmmmm...Quite possible. That guy is a trifle too tan for my preference, however. A little too Rebu or something. :)

  2. I was thinking Errol Flynn from The Adventures of Robin Hood. Seems to fit Brandon's character somewhat......;)


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