Monday, March 18, 2013

New Mexico Volleyball!

Volleyball time has officially begun! In the last week, I think I've played around a dozen games. And, yes, I am quite sore and rusty after a long winter of inactivity. However, at least one of the volleyball players of my acquaintance hasn't seem to rust with inaction!

I and the group I usually play with were happily minding our own business and having a quiet, friendly game last week when a freelancer from the Albuquerque Journal showed up. Supposedly, she saw us from the road and wanted to shoot a photo of us. Apparently, our volleyball game was the perfect topic for a spring break theme.

Needless to say, we immediately began playing very, ahem, poorly. (There's just nothing like hitting a flying ball under pressure!) The freelancer didn't seem to mind, however - and voila! Photos were taken and she singled out a member of the players for a brief interview.

So there you have it! Our small volleyball team has just become official. We proudly introduce the Institute for Higher Education's home team. Unfortunately  we're still nameless. With all this free publicity, we really should come up with a title for ourselves!

How about the Courtly Champions?  (Sorry, couldn't resist the play on words. Not so good?) Or maybe the Desert Sand Spartans? Well, I give up. Leave a suggestion - maybe you have a better one!

Until next time, I leave you with my volleyball war-cry - "For Caramel Mochiattos!"


  1. This is hilarious! I laughed out loud. I love it Alicia! How about "Tenacious Tumbleweeds"?! or "Prickly Pear Power Team"?, then again perhaps "Dessert Dare Devils"?!or better yet, "Mesa Mochiattos"?? Tee hee, I know they are all BAD! But I did have fun either way!
    Great post!

    1. The Mesa Mochiattos! I LOVE it! Think of all the implications - we're strong, we get the job done, we're powered,yet we still bear a touch of sweetness and the cream of perfection. I think we've got a name... ;)

  2. Oh neat!!!! How fun to get in the newspaper like that. :) Sounds like y'all had a blast.... and I think I see a trend with all of your names. Something slightly medieval.. hmm.... ;)
    I can't come up with anything, but I loved the ones that you and Lydia through out. =D

  3. What?!! The Mesa Mochiattos? What about those of us who don't drink coffee?
    I think the DesertSand Spartans sounds the coolest. =) Or, for when we play out in Edgewood, we could be the Country Conquerors. Edgewoodian Experts, maybe? LOL

  4. Hee Hee. This made me laugh. :-) I like the Mesa Mochiattos! However, that name would always have to be your team, Alicia, and the opposing team would have to be named Kezia or something. Ya think? ;)


  5. Your funny Alicia! :)
    I vote for Desert Sand Spartans.

    *Cue Chariots of Fire Theme* ;)

  6. @Sarah - Actually, Mrs. Lydia Hoppman came up with those at the top. :) But my Lydia came up with some good ones too!

    @Lydia Willis - Well, you'll just have to start drinking coffee! I like the Country Conquerors. Next time we play gals vs guys, we'll be the Chic Country Conquerors!

    @Kelsey - you said it! Totally. Kezia it is!

    @Josh - Am I? :) You can hit stop on the Chariots of Fire though.... ;)

  7. Well, I don't drink coffee either...yet! But I like the name after all (with your description Alicia)!! Marvelous Mochiattos, Mighty Mochiattos, Magnificent Mochiattos, wow , it could go on! Love the theme though and your description, even if I don't drink coffee, yet......MAybe stick with Mesa Mochiattos. I do like the Dessert Spartans too though. Maybe two teams???:-)Medevil Mochiattos...Just another idea, oooh, or Mochiatto Maidens when girls play against the guys,the Macho Mochiattos!! Ha ha, I have gone too far perhaps. Good fun!


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