Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hello, everyone! Today I thought I would share some of the new things going on around here!

First, our church started a nursing home ministry at the Edgewood Beehive! Our family had the opportunity of assisting at the kick-off and we should (Lord willing) be regular participants. Last Sunday, we helped with music, singing, and visiting. It was most enjoyable, and I think the Lord is going to really use this ministry. Brother Elliott and his wife Ona are leading it, and they've been doing a really awesome job.

Second, our church is gearing up for our Easter Revival! I am quite excited about it. The revival will take place from March 31st - April 3rd. There will be a lot of fun music, great preaching, and fellowship, so I invite you to come on out and participate! More details (times, food) to follow soon.

And....our choir just received our wonderful new books! I am jumping all over the place because our director chose one of my all-time favorite books (without even knowing I love it)! It's entitled "Shadow of the Cross" and is compiled/arranged by the Hamiltons.

We will be singing out of this book for our revival and Easter Sunday (which I am thrilled about). Check out the piece we will be singing, Lord willing, on Easter morning!

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*I have been warned that Majesty Music may be lowering their standards. I do not necessarily promote all of their music.*

Lastly....Mom sang in church for the first time last Sunday! She did a marvelous job and everyone was very pleased. FBC of Edgewood eagerly looks forward to her next special....

I hope you've enjoyed this small update into all of the many things going on in my life! What's been going on with you?


  1. Wow! I Can sure see why you love that song so much! I had never heard it before, but I really, really like it! You will all do great! I am SO SORRY i missed hearing your Mom. Did she sing a solo? I wish I could have heard it. What did she sing? That was incredibly brave of her!Please give has a hug for me! Awesome. Sounds like exciting times for you all. Maybe we will make it for revival...:-)
    I am excited for you about the nursing home ministry as well.

    1. Oh, yes, I love it so much!!! I love the whole book - all of the pieces are like that!

      No, we sang a quartet. But, it was the first time Mom sang in church! It would be awesome if you could come for the revival. I am getting pretty excited about it! I love times of, well, revival! :)


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