Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mission's Conference

As many of you know, First Baptist Church of Edgewood has been busy with our annual Mission's Conference. Naturally, I have been swamped with busyness, but it has all been very fun and very rewarding! Here's a day-to-day account of all that took place!

(Brother David Snyder and his wife Barb. Brother Snyder is the president and general director of BIMI.)

Brother Alvino Hernandez gave his testimony. He and his wife Cecilia are church planting evangelists. Our church took up a love offering for them and then we had some fun music in the way of a choir special. Brother Russell sang a special and the evening was concluded with a wonderful 3-part message on FAITH by Brother Snyder, president of BIMI.

Brother Michael McKendree and his wife Candice have their testimony and presented their slideshow. They are preparing to go to Honduras. Also, Candice is pregnant with their little baby son! (Photo of Michael McKendree below.) Our choir sang and my sisters and I played a violin/piano trio. (Photo below. Praise God I was successfully hidden from the camera!) And, as usual, Bro. Snyder did a wonderful job with his message.

On Friday, Sonya and Lacey Piatt, my mom, and I went shopping for church decorations. We had a lot of fun, and I was introduced to a store that I am afraid might be dangerous for me. It's called World Market - and wow! It's amazing! (Yes, I bought some French imported soap and some beautiful chopsticks!) We also had fun at Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A. 

That night, Brother Campbell gave his testimony/slideshow. He and his wife are missionaries to Brazil. Wow, they have some exciting stories to tell about their village and the witch doctor! Our choir and ladies group sang, and Brother Snyder completed his 3-part message on FAITH. 

We took a day off of preaching to decorate the church. I stayed home to babysit and cook for the banquet, but Mom and Lydia went over to help. As all of our missionaries were from South America, the theme was chocolate and coffee. (Ahem, yes, I contributed to the idea.) Below are some photos of the posters (previously made) and decorations. 

(Our Africa and Asian tables.)

(Our Europe, North America, Island Nations, and South America tables.)

On Sunday, we had back-to-back services, which was fun. Brother Snyder preached on Faith Promise Giving. Our main service was comprised of our regular music schedule followed by Brother Snyder's wonderful preaching. We had several friends attend, so it was especially enjoyable. 

The International Banquet was tons of fun. I wasn't as daring this year with my selections and mostly ate North American and European food. Here is an overview of the whole room and the goings on.


The second service was busy and fun. We sang 3-4 songs, had two specials, a Fiji Bible project video, a missionary presentation by Brother Jacobo and his family, and then a wonderful (and amusing) devotional by Brother Daniel Jacobo. We finished out the afternoon with a collection of Faith Promise cards and a hymn. Praise God, our totals are up this year and we should be able to take on our new missionaries!

(Brother Jacobo and his family.)

(The Campbells and McKendrees.)

Wow, I think this is the longest post I have ever done! Still, I wanted to share all of the fun of the Mission's Conference with you. I hope you enjoyed my account. Feel free to post your comments or questions!


  1. SO much work went into making this a success. It was beautiful and encouraging! I just don't ever want to take a bath with the Campbells bath guest. Yikes!

  2. The entire week was a busy time of worship, and I think that the Lord had his hand of blessing on the conference. Sooo glad you enjoyed visiting - my highlight of the conference was having you all come! I have to agree though - bathing with a python would not be the most enjoyable thing. Especially when it's big enough to eat me! (almost, anyway...)

  3. WOW!!!! Thank you for this post. I can see a TON of work, preparation, and time went into this! Beautiful job with all the decorations! I, for one, am very impressed! Looks like it was a great success!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Alicia. It does indeed seem the Lord had His hand on you guys.

    What trio did you girls play?

    1. We played "In The Garden", which is a favorite of mine. :)

  5. What fun! Amazing how when you go to bless and encourage others, you get blessed and encouraged! Thank you for updating us. :) It sounds like you had a fun time and met some cool people! ;) I wish I could have been there to hear you all sing and play- you always do so well!!!!

    Hugs and love,

    1. I wish you could have been there too! ;) Thank you for your kind compliment, my friend!


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