Monday, February 11, 2013

Evolution: Refuting the Untruths

    In our day and age, evolution is a huge issue. From the first day young children step off the bus and into the classroom, they are told that they "evolved" from a "big bang" (sorry, I don't think that particular term is deserving of capitalization). I thought I would share a few facts to help defend your faith! 

    Myth One: Species can "evolve" into other kinds.
 This has never been observed and there is no absolutely no evidence in the fossil record for its occurrence. In fact, Charles Darwin himself freely confessed this problem, stating "Not one change of a species into another is on record....We cannot prove that a single species has changed". I quote from his My Life and Letters, Vol. 1, p. 210.

(In case you are wondering, spontaneous generation does not happen, much to the chagrin of evolutionists.) 

    Myth Two: What about the peppered moths?
I have to smile on this one. Well, what about peppered moths? The simple fact is, peppered moths always have been and always will be moths. The fact that the count of dark ones and light ones have slightly differed on various occasions is no proof for evolution. It only proves that their count can change based on their predators and the environment. And, in the end, they are still moths! A bit of sarcasm here, but until moths develop into humans, please don't use them as examples of so-called "evolution"!

    Myth Three: What about dating techniques? Don't they prove the ancient age of the earth?
No! There are 100's of ways to date the earth's age, nearly all of which point to a very young earth. However, evolutionists only use about 5-6 of them and, naturally, they are the only techniques one hears about in the media. When was the last time you heard about calculations based on the rate of influx of helium into our atmosphere? Or how about the decay of the earth's spin? Or maybe the rate the sun shrinkage? Or maybe the decay of the moon's orbit? And, yes, all of those techniques point to a young earth!

I want to give Brother John Yates of FBI credit for providing most of the inspiration for this post.  I hope this little bit of info was inspiring to you!

Also, Lord willing, I should have some fun photos and details of our Mission's Conference to share with you when I do my next post! We had a great deal of fun, enjoyed a lot of good music, met some new friends, and watched the Lord do a wonderful work in His people. It was such a huge blessing. But...I'll save the details until my actual post!


  1. Great information! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Great insight on the view of evolution. For those that are interested, 'Nothing Created Everything' by Ray Comfort would be a great read on the topic, don't ya think? =)

  3. I agree with Maeleen! This was great. Whenever I read a disproof of evolution, I always feel so encouraged. Truth will win out one day.

  4. Great article Alicia! So good to hear truth proclaimed over the din of lies!!!! Keep it up young lady! I love it!

  5. One of my trains of thought on the matter of accepting something on faith.

    We as Christians have faith that the Bible says what it means and means what it says, particularly where Creation is concerned. Evolutionary scientists—despite their often angry denials—also take the 'big bang' on faith. No scientist with fancy lab equipment was there to take empirical measurements.

    And they sadly denigrate the practice of science by trying to force the evidence to fit their preconceived notions. And these are people who are otherwise objective when discussing other areas of science...which might be equally worrisome, that they may so easily turn their objectivity on and off.

    And to finish, it absolutely cannot be a coincidence that multiple ancient cultures 1) have a similar creation myth and 2) often have an account of a Great Flood in their myths.

    Thought provoking post, Alicia, thanks for sharing.

    1. Good comments, Sean!

      Did you know that there is no actual theory for evolution itself?! They simply cannot explain how the 'big bang' actually happened, let alone where all of the matter and energy came from. Their so-called "theory" starts with the universe in place. Interestingly enough, energy cannot make more energy and cannot simply begin. It must have an "Uncaused First Cause" to begin, which , to us, is God Almighty!

      Thanks for posting!


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