Thursday, January 10, 2013

God of Her Fathers

Drum roll please.....

I revealed the nature of my secret writing project on January 1st to all of my Little Corners subscribers! Now I am releasing it to you! I am currently writing and preparing to publish my first Kindle novella.

Ellen Walden is the adoring wife of manly settler John Walden. When an unexpected tragedy claims his life, however, she finds herself brokenhearted and terrifyingly alone. Life on the bleak prairies is harsh, and she is desperate for the means to survive.

When a debonair stranger abruptly appears, Ellen is torn between accepting his offered help or struggling on alone. Tyler Nichols seems an upright young man, but could his charm be a guise? Could he really be Dan Crudwell, outlaw of Kansas City? 

God of Her Fathers is a heartwarming novella of faith, courage, and new beginnings, as a young woman seeks to trust her Lord and accept His will for her life.

Coming exclusively to Kindle in the winter of 2013!


  1. This sounds like it will be really good!! I don't have a kindle though.... :(

    1. Thank you! I don't have a Kindle either - I just downloaded the free Kindle app. :)

      Hey, did you notice anything unusual about the protagonist's name? Tyler Nichols?

  2. Ooh! Sounds good! Can't wait to read it!!! :) Also, I liked your names. I have the HARDEST time coming up with names for my characters... so I admire anyone who comes up with great ones. ;) My poor children might go unnamed for part of their life.. ;) Hopefully my husband will have a better knack for that sort of thing. ;) hehe!
    anyway, it sounds really good and I can't wait to read it. :)

    1. You are so sweet! Actually, ahem, Tyler Nichols is a friend of mine. Only his name is Nicholas Tyler. And I stole "Walden" from a couple in our church and "John" is after my baby brother. :)

      Lookin' forward to your marvelous upcoming releases as well!

  3. How exciting! I'm looking forward to this new era of historical fiction that you've ventured into. You did so well with the Middle Ages. America's pioneer stories represent another of my favorite time periods!

  4. This looks really neat! I am really looking forward to when it comes out! I have to agree that you come up with great names! :)

  5. @Kelsey: Thank you so much! We'll see how I do. There is so much pioneer out there that we'll see what I can make original!

    @Sarah: Thanks!


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