Monday, January 21, 2013

A Writer's Life

    This post is dedicated to all of my writer friends and those I mentor. As author Betsy St. Amant says, writing takes courage!
    Now, some people seem to have the idea that being a writer and author is easy. You're doing what you love is their common comment. 
    And, yes, so I am. I LOVE writing. But writing is only the first step. Want an idea of what it is really like?

Writer's Block: 
The frustrating syndrome that haunts the best of writers. You lose time, sleep, energy, and motivation. You gain weight sitting in front of a screen with nothing to write and a dead brain. Food is consumed at an alarming rate and coffee ceases to work

Something you do for so long that the word edit looks like it needs to be edited. Words are changed, your heart is poured out onto the paper, frustration sets in, and you begin to realize that your masterpiece is,well, junk. You start over - and then over again. 

Publisher Editing:
Round two of editing happens after you start the publishing process. Maybe the publisher requests some changes. Maybe your CIC or another member of your team finds something wrong. You have to proofread your manuscript before signing off on it and find 100+ mistakes...

Team Work:
You have an awesome publishing team, but you still have to dictate certain things. And, you also have to constantly bear in mind that they are the professionals. You have to sort through their suggestions and decide what you really want. (Without confusing or frustrating them, of course!) 

Signing Off:
That heart-stopping moment when you put the pen to the page and sign off on your beloved manuscript.... Your future has never looked more wonderful and scary all at the same time. You just signed your life away...

That scary moment when someone asks you what your book is about and your perfectly memorized elevator pitch leaves your brain.... Or, worse still, you don't remember where a certain scene fits in chapter-wise. The thought strikes you: Did I write that?

That devastating moment when you realize not everyone thinks your book should be a New York Times Bestseller. 

The truth hits hard when you realize the royalties per one paperback book barely cover a Starbucks Caramel Mochiatto. It's an endless cycle: 
Drink Coffee=Published Book=Royalties=More Coffee

But you know what? IT'S WORTH IT!

Take the challenge, writers! Take heart, take courage, slay your dragon! 
You won't regret it!

Note: While this post is somewhat humorous, every aspect described is true. :) I hereby dispel any responsibility for sudden bouts of chocolate consumption, panic attacks, writerpression, or excessive coffee intake. 


  1. Ah, so, so true. Definitely a whole process, this book making thing...brought back memories when I published my book too.

  2. I'm not an author, but I feel the same way about music sometimes. =)Keep the courage, Alicia! I really like the picture of you by the way - very cute. =)

  3. That was a funny read; thanks for sharing Alicia!

    Reminds me of a prosaic quote from mathematician Paul Erdös:

    "A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems." =)


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