Thursday, December 27, 2012

Solitude's Pledge

    What if I make it not in time? Kenneth swallowed hard, the bitter ache in his throat tightening. He turned over on his side, gazing with unseeing eyes into the darkness. If he dies - if he is slain?

    Kenneth shook his head, attempting to rid his mind of the thought. Yet, he could not. The truth reared its ugly head before him, and he could not hide the fact. 

    Why did I not obey him? His eyes glistened suddenly and his hands clenched into involuntary fists. He  hath done me naught but goodness - even in my folly, he did not deal harshly with me. 

    Kenneth suddenly sat upright, his fists tightening. "God forbid that he should die because of me!" he said aloud, through tightly-clenched teeth. "Heaven be my witness, master - thou shalt not perish because of thy squire's indiscretion."

    His voice dropped to a hoarse whisper, "Yet, if thou die, I shall follow thee. Naught shall part us, not even death." A bitter laugh caught his throat, and he looked up into the moonlight. "Yea, O thou craven foe! Not even thy bitter vengeance shall end my service to my master - weak, miserable though such service be."

    Kenneth resumed his prostrate position, looking up into the black sky. "Forgive me, my lord." The words died upon his lips and, burying his face in his hands, he choked back the sound that was nearly a sob. 

Copyright 2012-2013 by Alicia Willis. All Rights Reserved

Is this part of The Comrades of Honor Series #2? What happened? Who is Kenneth and why is he upset and alone?

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  1. I can't wait to read your next book! I was so excited because one of my friends got your book for Christmas.
    After reading this bit of your next book, I really want to read it and find out what happens next.

  2. Oh, really? How exciting!

    Ah, so you do think it's part of my next book? Maybe you are right. :)

  3. OOOOOOOO! Sounds cool!

    Daniel K.

  4. I read your comment on Samantha's blog and was glad to find your site! You're an author?! How amazing! It's my dream to be an author, too. I'd love to "chat" with you more sometime.
    Bye for now,

    1. Hello! It was nice to hear from you. I really enjoyed your interview.

      Yes, I am an author. It was my dream and God made it possible! I hope your dream comes true for you too!


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