Monday, December 31, 2012


Time for another giveaway! 

Home Educating Family has completed their review of To Birmingham Castle and is hosting a paperback giveaway! The winner will receive their signed, paperback copy directly from me. The contest will last for one week and you can earn extra entries by sharing the link with your friends. 

Visit their website to enter!

Need an extra copy? You can always order a book directly from me or check it out on Amazon!


  1. Hi Alicia,

    I subscribed to your blog! I'm excited about the giveaway!!! I entered too!

  2. I only discovered this book today, on a list I created on Goodreads, sadly too late to enter the giveaway though.
    As a Medievalist in training an Englishwoman and a Christian books like this do catch my interest. Though Birmingham is not a place I would associate with castles today.

    1. I definitely agree with you! However, I believe Birmingham is largely known for Warwick Castle, built by William the Conqueror. (I love the Normans, so I would love to visit it!) Thanks for posting! I'd like to get to know you better. :)

    2. To my shame, for a Brit, my grasp of British geography is sometimes woefully lacking. I did not know Warwick was near Birmingham:(

      I dislike the Normans personally (well, not all of them- I don't think all members of a group should be tarred with the same proverbial brush no matter how bad some of its members might be), they certainly did not bring 'civilization' to 'barbarian' England.
      Then there was the whole matter of having dispossessed over 90% of the English landowning classes- I could rant on.

      I would like to get better acquainted too. Perhaps I will just have keep commenting, on here and mention that I have 2 blogs, one devoted to Christian Historical Fiction (which can be seem by clicking on my profile) and the other Medieval written material in general.
      As you can likely see above, I like to rant. You probably would not want to get me started by saying medieval people thought the earth was flat....

    3. Hah! Don't worry - I won't get you started because I know what you mean! Our society has changed so much about the Middle Ages that it is appalling. You can view my own personal rants on my website.... :)

      I actually checked out your blog. It looks very interesting! I'll probably pop in over there on occasion to say hi!

    4. Another ranter eh? Someone who understands the frustration of hearing people reciting long discredited misconceptions! I think I am liking you.
      When the opportunity arises I may just have to but your book- but finding time to read it is another matter what with a dissertation to write.

      If I like your site enough, I might add it my my blogroll for easy access.

      One of my 'pet hates' is people judging the past by modern standards, or imposing them onto the past. I read one 'medieval series' in which one of the female protagonists seemed more like a modern feminist then a Medieval 'Lady'
      - and the people who complain about Medieval literature being politically incorrect.

    5. I know what you mean. For me, reading gave place to the priority of writing and studying. :)

      I hope you like my website! Of course, we will probably disagree on a few historical details, but most historians do. :)

      Heehee, about the feminist, that is an odd twist for a writer to add to her novel! I recently conducted an author appearance and one gentleman in the audience looked around and said "Wow! And you ladies think you have it hard today!" At least my audience came to understand the true nature of women in the Middle Ages. :)

    6. Historians can be very argumentative types, but some may still be friends really. It is good to have a proper argument though- I mean one that involved arguing not resorts to insulting or making personal attacks against the other person.

      I have no real issue with spunky or feisty and independent lasses in Historical fiction, but that particular character seemed a little too militant and to represent all that is negative about feminism. Treating men like idiots or lording over them, thinking that sleeping around was good, and generally being very unpleasant.


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